Our Story

At Juice Beauty, we believe that true beauty comes from within. That’s why we create high-performance skincare and cosmetics powered by plant-derived ingredients that nourish your skin and spirit.

Pure, Effective Formulas

Our journey began over 15 years ago when our founder, Karen, struggled to find natural beauty products that really worked. She consulted top scientists and herbalists to handcraft formulations using the best that organic farming has to offer. We meticulously source ingredients from certified organic farmers to ensure our products contain nutrients that transform skin to a healthy, vibrant glow.

Every Juice Beauty formula begins with a proprietary blend of organic botanical juices instead of water. These concentrated juices deliver essential vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients straight to cells. We never use artificial dyes, fragrances, or other harsh chemicals. And our formulas contain clinically proven levels of alpha hydroxy acids from plants like sugar cane, lemon, and sugar maple. This means results without irritation.

We continuously innovate to create the most effective organic skincare solutions. Our collection addresses every skin type and need:

Every product is thoughtfully crafted through a commitment to organic, science-based formulas that reveal healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Honoring Our Planet

Juice Beauty aims to honor the environment at every step. We source high-quality ingredients from farmers who use sustainable practices that enrich soil and conserve water. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities run on renewable energy and create zero waste. We continually seek ways to reduce our ecological footprint through eco-friendly packaging and efficient transportation.

We are proud to achieve sustainability certifications from respected organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainably Grown, and Leaping Bunny. These recognitions reflect our commitment to protecting precious natural resources while creating safe, ethical products.

Giving Back

In addition to environmental stewardship, giving back is woven into Juice Beauty’s DNA. A portion of every sale helps finance the Juice Beauty Foundation, which supports organizations focused on human welfare, animal welfare, and environmental welfare.

We also partner with groups like the Breast Cancer Fund that embody our belief that overall health begins from within. Together, we raise awareness and provide services to those touched by life’s most challenging circumstances.

One Beautiful Community

While Juice Beauty offers products, our greater purpose is building a community of people who wish to make positive change in themselves and the world. Those seeking natural beauty solutions become part of a nurturing circle where we inspire one another to lead healthier, more meaningful lives that uplift the planet and humankind.

We share transformational stories, scientific breakthroughs, insights from experts, and simple lifestyle tips. Lifelong relationships blossom through a sense of togetherness and support.

No matter who you are or where life finds you, we welcome you to discover your unique beauty. Let us walk beside you on the path toward revitalized skin, sustainable living, and self-care that empowers your spirit.

Our Formulations

What gives Juice Beauty products their glow-getting, skin-loving superpowers? The Organic Makeups and Skincare Elixirs we meticulously craft contain the most effective certified organic and plant-based ingredients.

Botanical Nutrient Complexes

Our proprietary Nutrient Complexes feature juices brimming with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins. These building blocks of healthy skin and youthful vitality derive from ingredients grown on certified organic farms without toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

We gently press and concentrate plant juices to craft each complex. None contain added water, which enables an extremely high concentration of skin-beautifying actives.

Vitamin Complex – Our foundation. Concentrated organic botanical juices like lemon and pomegranate infuse skin with antioxidants like vitamin C along with essential nutrients. Helps guard against damage from toxins and pollution while strengthening skin’s natural barrier.

Essential Fatty Acid Complex – Nutrient-dense organic sunflower and cranberry seed oils that replenish skin, providing vital hydration and suppleness for a radiant complexion. Rich in omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9 that retain moisture and reinforce the skin matrix.

Alpha Hydroxy Complex – Effective exfoliators derived from organic fruit juices and oils assists with shedding dull surface cells and clearing pores. Our proprietary blend with lemon and sugar maple visibly smooths texture, blurs fine lines, and brightens without irritation.

Diamond Complex – A concentrated mix including organic diamond powder for the ultimate polish accompanied by fruit stem cells, retinol from rose hips, and antioxidants. Works to gently resurface skin, erase imperfections, stimulate cellular renewal and protect newly revealed layers.

Pure Performance

While some beauty brands use the terms “natural” or “organic” loosely for marketing hype, Juice Beauty adheres to the following standards and guidelines:

We back up every claim and invest in clinical testing to ensure our formulas perform. Published results demonstrate powerful benefits for every skin type including significant increases in hydration, improvements in elasticity, and major reductions in visible wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

A Formula for Safety

While organic ingredients form the heart of our products, we take care to assess every component that goes into our Organic Skincare Elixirs and Makeups. Our safety evaluations at Juice Beauty include:

Rigorous Screening – We restrict over 2,700 potentially harmful chemicals published on our Never List. Then we carefully curate approved organic and natural ingredients known to benefit skin. As scientific insight expands, we continuously refine our safety standards.

Sensitivity Reviews – Our head chemists thoroughly evaluate every formula for potential sensitivities and make adjustments to avoid skin reactions. We strive to craft effective products suited for most skin types, even sensitive.

Eco-toxicity Testing – We use advanced technology to determine if our final formulas pose environmental risks when washed down the drain through daily use. All Juice Beauty products demonstrate safety supporting aquatic life.

Clinical Trials – Before launching any new formula, we enlist independent physician-scientists to assess performance and safety through controlled clinical tests. We develop only products delivering proven results without irritation.

Safety Assessments – Experts thoroughly examine our formulas by comparing ingredients to established cosmetic industry safety data and emerging clinical evidence. This extra step helps us feel confident products will be well-tolerated.

Through our comprehensive safety process, we create formulas that transform skin with minimal risks.

Our Commitments

Juice Beauty established standards to push ourselves toward sustainable manufacturing and fair, ethical practices across our supply chain. They serve as our guiding light each day.

Sustainable Production

We take responsibility for the footprint of our brand from ingredients to finished products. Currently 86% of content comes from North America, significantly reducing emissions and pollution from transport. Our formulas are produced right in California using solar power and cutting-edge green technology. And our facilities create zero landfill waste.

We continuously seek new ways to further reduce ecological impacts through renewable energy, recycled materials, reduced packaging, and partnering with suppliers using environmentally sound practices. As part of our planning, we analyze risks connected to climate change that may influence aspects like ingredient availability so we can adapt.

Ethical Sourcing

The exceptional farmers and suppliers we work with share our passion for regenerative, ecologically harmonious practices. We developed guidelines for sourcing only premium organic and natural ingredients in line with our standards for sustainable water use, enrichment of soil health, and protection of crops without toxic interventions.

We forge long-term relationships with vendors and monitor for fair policies supporting livelihoods from the farm level to production facilities. Regular on-the-ground assessments help us understand firsthand the care taken through every phase of bringing ingredients from the earth to formulations. We also sample and rigorously examine every raw material before accepting it.

For non-organic ingredients like vitamin E, we apply similar ethical protocols ensuring responsible, sustainable practices that safeguard people and planet. This holistic view of our supply chain empowers us to deliver pure products with integrity.

Giving Back & Paying It Forward

The Juice Beauty Foundation allows us to formalize our tradition of giving back. Through this 501(c)(3) non-profit funded by sales, we support groups tackling environmental conservation, humanitarian causes, animal welfare, and health initiatives close to our hearts.

Organizations like the Breast Cancer Fund and Farm Sanctuary share our vision for positive change from within individuals that ripples outward. We feature some of their inspirational work on our site not just to raise funds, but to encourage everyone to get involved with causes igniting their passion. Even small, consistent actions add up to make a meaningful difference.

Our Results

Discover what makes Juice Beauty formulas the ultimate organic skincare solutions by exploring the real-world results from satisfied customers and clinical testing.

Confident in Our Formulas

The complaints and returns for Juice Beauty products are exceptionally low – less than one tenth of one percent! This gives us confidence customers enjoy safe, reliably effective organic skincare that enriches their beauty routines. We ceaselessly endeavor through research and innovation to create the finest organic formulas which nourish skin to a healthy glow.

Clinically Proven Organic Solutions

We partner with independent labs to assess how Juice Beauty products visibly improve common skin concerns. Published results back up our claims with robust data. Below are highlights of remarkable organic skincare solutions:

Reduced Wrinkles – In multiple studies, consistent use shows significant decreases in the appearance lines and creases along with improvements in texture and tone. Our organic alpha hydroxy acid exfoliators gently smooth skin. Antioxidants fight skin-damaging free radicals to maintain youthful resiliency.

Increased Moisture – Signature ingredients like organic grapeseed naturally attract and retain hydration within skin layers to quench thirsty cells. Measurements demonstrate dramatic boosts in moisture over 12 hours with sustained release. Daily replenishment restores plump suppleness.

Bolstered Elasticity – Organic seed oils and fruit stem cell extracts nourish the dermis to fortify connective tissue. Scientifically-measured firmness and density rebounds for skin that snaps back into shape. The structural matrix feels rejuvenated.

Refined Pores – Gentle organic fruit acids dissolve pore-clogging impurities as botanical extracts balance sebum activity. With clearer, less congested pores, skin texture looks and feels ultra-smooth.

More Even Tone – Innovative vitamin C-packed organic botanical juices unite with alpha hydroxy acids to target dark spots. Powerful antioxidants inhibit excess melanin production. Dull areas brighten substantially for exceptionally clear, uniform skin.

Protected from Pollution – Antioxidants from botanical juices neutralize toxins and free radicals that accelerate aging. Skin withstands the harsh effects of pollution and UV exposure. Daily environmental damage visibly reversed.

While every product line addresses different concerns, all Juice Beauty formulas proven to reveal remarkably radiant, healthy skin backed by hard evidence.

What Customers Say

Beyond clinical trials, the words of our customers speak volumes about their experiences with Juice Beauty’s life-changing organic skincare solutions.

Jessica, 38, struggled with adult acne and hyperpigmentation. She shares:

“After YEARS battling breakouts and dark spots, Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle line transformed my skin. The green apple peel and serum with vitamin C faded my scars. My face finally feels smooth and clear thanks to naturally effective ingredients free of harsh chemicals.”

Madison, 42, wanted to switch to organic skincare during pregnancy. She explains:

“I sample a ton of products as a beauty editor. But Juice Beauty’s organic formulas stand above—they passed my sensitive skin test while pregnant! The rich Nutrient Moisturizer and antioxidant Green Apple Peel products gave me that expectant mom glow. Now my baby girl is 3, and I still reach for Juice Beauty daily!”

Rebecca, 68, needed solutions for aging skin. She raves:

“In my career modeling for beauty brands, I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Once I turned 60, I wanted organic options free of toxic stuff that works. A makeup artist introduced me to Juice Beauty Stem Cellular anti-aging products. I’m stunned—my wrinkles look filled-in naturally and those little dark sun spots I’ve had for years are fading.”

We take pride in uplifting confidence through genuine product performance that shines from within. Please explore Juice Beauty to find your perfect match!