4-Piece Eyelash Extension Tweezer Kit – Straight & Curved Tips



Get the essential eyelash extension tools with this 4-piece kit from KLDKUST. Includes straight and curved stainless steel tweezers plus two eyelash brushes for separating, grasping, and grooming lashes during application and touch-ups.

Professional Curved & Straight Tweezers

The curved eyelash tweezer is ideal for separating natural lashes and allows precision when picking up individual hairs.

The straight tweezer is perfect for rapidly picking up sections of lashes for quicker application. The slanted tip provides excellent grip and control.

Stainless Steel Construction

The professional-grade eyelash extension tweezers are crafted from durable, rust-resistant stainless steel. The material allows for detailed precision tips.

Stainless steel maintains its integrity and won’t bend or lose its shape with repeated use. The tips keep their aligned shape for accuracy.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort

The textured surface and curved handle ensure you can grip and maneuver the tweezers comfortably. This helps reduce hand fatigue during long application sessions.

The finger rests allow for optimal control and leverage when isolating and picking up tiny lashes. Tweeze with ease and accuracy.

Includes 2 Eyelash Brushes

This kit contains two eyelash brushes for grooming and organizing lashes before and during application.

Use them to separate lashes and remove debris. The soft bristles gently brush through lashes to prep them before attaching extensions.

Great for Salon Professionals

This eyelash extension tweezer set is ideal for cosmetology students and professional eyelash technicians.

The durable, precise tools allow for flawless lash isolation and application. Achieve perfect clients lashes efficiently.

Also for DIY Lash Application

Even those new to doing their own lash extensions at home can achieve beautiful results with these professional-grade tools.

The ergonomic stainless steel tweezers make it easy to grasp and place individual lashes for a natural look.

Get the essentials for professional eyelash extension application with this 4-piece kit. Includes precision tweezers and grooming brushes for flawless lashes.


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