Achieve Natural, Gorgeous Lashes Instantly with DIY Lash Clusters



Get ready to take your lashes to new stunning lengths with these DIY Lash Clusters! This set of 72 reusable clusters makes achieving salon-worthy lashes easy and affordable at home.

These lightweight lash clusters create natural volume and lift for instant eye enhancement. Customize lengths to create any look you desire – from subtle and sweet to bold and dramatic.

Whether you’re new to falsies or a pro, these Lash Clusters have everything you need for beautiful falsies in minutes. Read on to see why they’re a lash game-changer!

Natural-Looking, Customizable Results

These DIY Lash Clusters blend seamlessly with your natural lashes for understated enhancement. With proper application, no one will guess you’re wearing falsies!

Mix and match cluster lengths to build your ideal lash look. Go glamorous and sexy, or soft and romantic. The possibilities are endless with clusters.

The lightweight design feels comfortable all day long. You’ll forget you have falsies on! But your eyes will wow everyone around you.

Reusable for Endless Looks

The best part? These Lash Clusters are reusable! With proper care between wears, you can reuse each set up to 6 times.

Switch up your lash look daily or reuse your favorite clusters over and over. At just pennies per wear, you’ll get way more mileage than strip lashes or pricey extensions.

The quality materials also prevent shedding or fallout. You’ll always look photo shoot ready!

Perfect for Beginners

Applying Lash Clusters is simple even if you’re a total beginner. Use tweezers to gently grasp the lash band and press clusters under your top natural lashes.

Then adhere the flat base of clusters to your lash line. The slim design prevents stabbing as you blink.

Layer and mix different cluster lengths until you achieve your perfect bold or natural eye look. No fancy tools needed!

More Possibilities Than Strip Lashes

These customizable clusters allow more possibilities than strip falsies. You control the shape, volume, curl and length.

Accent the outer corners with longer, curled clusters for a cat-eye effect. Add shorter clusters on the inner corners for a wide-eyed look. The options are endless!

Strip lashes only offer one static style. With clusters, you build your dream lashes.

Thin Bands Prevent Damage

These Lash Clusters feature thin, flexible bands that are gentle on your natural lashes and lids. No poking or scratching!

The slim bands grip your real lashes gently without tugging or tangling. Remove clusters easily without lash damage.

Enjoy lush lashes without compromising the health of your natural set. It’s guilt-free beauty!

DIY Glam Lashes Anytime

With these reusable clusters, you can achieve fabulous lashes at home in minutes! Skip expensive salon trips.

Keep sets on hand for instant glam before dates, parties, photos and more. Just tweeze them on and you’re ready to wow.

Get salon-worthy lashes conveniently and affordably with DIY Lash Clusters. They make achieving any eye look fun, easy and budget-friendly!


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