Achieve Professional-Quality Lashes with Calphdiar Lash Extension Kit (560 pcs) – The All-in-One System for Customizable, Faux Lash Extensions at Home



Get ready to achieve gorgeous, salon-worthy lashes without leaving your home! The Calphdiar Lash Extension Kit provides everything needed for flawless DIY faux lash application, including 560 silk clusters, lash glue, sealant, and application tools.

This all-in-one system allows you to create customized, wispy lash extensions with ease. Mix and match clusters for your perfect style! Ditch the lash salon trips and costs. Lush, eye-opening lashes are finally at your fingertips.

Why You’ll Love the Calphdiar Lash Extension Kit:

560 Reusable Clusters

Includes 30D and 50D volume silk clusters ranging from 8-16mm lengths. More than enough to build dramatic eyelash extensions! Stack, separate and layer to customize the volume and shape.

Salon-Grade Clusters

Clusters are carefully crafted from premium PBT silk hair for a refined, featherlight feel. The tapered lashes are pre-bundled in wispy fans to replicate natural fluttery lashes.

Professional D-Curl

All clusters are precisely shaped in the dramatic D-curl to lift your natural lashes up and out. Achieve wide-eyed, awakened eyes like the pros!

Latex-Free Glue & Sealant

Long-lasting medical-grade adhesive designed for sensitive eyes. Sealant ensures extended wear for up to 24 hours. Everything needed for optimal application and wear!

Portable All-in-One Kit

Compact, professional kit stores all lash essentials. Convenient to use and travel with. High-quality components designed for simple at-home use.

How to Apply Faux Lash Clusters Like a Pro:

Ensure natural lashes are clean. Curl them with an eyelash curler for added lift.

Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the lash line. Wait 30 seconds until tacky.

Use tweezers to gently peel off one cluster. Press as close to lash line as possible.

Build outward from the inner corners, overlapping clusters for increased fullness.

Once desired look is achieved, apply sealant to set.

Finish by curling natural and falsies together. Add mascara if needed.

Gently remove reusable clusters with makeup remover. Store properly in kit. Refresh glue before reapplying.

Unleash Your Inner Lash Artist with Calphdiar!

Get ready to flutter those salon-worthy lashes you’ve always dreamed of! This all-in-one kit makes achieving glamorous, professional extensions easy as 1-2-3.

No more wasting money on high-maintenance lash appointments. Just whip up custom silk feather lashes in minutes from the comfort of home. Give your eyes mesmerizing definition for any occasion!

Experience the versatility for yourself – mix, layer and stack clusters until you create your favorite lash look. The options are endless with Calphdiar’s reusable silk lash collection.

Bat those lashes confidently knowing they are gently made. Calphdiar Lash Extension Kit brings the professional studio to you!

Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our premium quality products and ensuring your positive experience. Please contact us if you have any issues so we can resolve them promptly. Your satisfaction is our top priority!


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