Achieve Salon-Worthy Lashes in Minutes with Focipeysa Lash Clusters (120pcs) – The customizable, Wispy Lash Extension Alternative



Get ready to elevate your lash look with the innovative Focipeysa Lash Clusters! This all-in-one lash enhancing kit provides 120 wispy clusters for creating a customizable, salon-worthy set of faux mink lashes right at home.

Whether you want to achieve a natural, fluttery accent or dramatic, eye-opening extensions, these graduated lash bundles make it possible to DIY any style. No expensive salon trips needed!

Why You’ll Love Focipeysa Lash Clusters:

Salon-Quality Wisps

Each delicate cluster is comprised of multiple tapered lashes made from premium synthetic mink hair, selected for its soft, feather-light texture that mimics natural lashes. The handmade construction creates flawless, refined wisps in the D-curl shape to open up the eyes.

Customizable Lengths

With 5 customizable lengths ranging from 8mm to 16mm, you can build your ideal lash look. Use the shorter clusters along the lash line for subtle definition and add length by layering the longer pieces towards the outer corners.

Easy Application

Applying these faux lash clusters takes just minutes! Simply use the included premium adhesive to tack down your natural lashes, peel clusters from the thin band, and press along the lash line. Arrange and layer how you wish for your perfect style!

24 Hour Comfortable Wear

The ultra-slim cotton bands allow for comfortable, long lasting wear. Barely feel them on yet the lashes stay put. The tapered, criss-crossed lashes are also crafted to a lightweight, flexible finish that moves naturally with your eyes.

Reusable & Cost Effective

No need to throw these luxurious lashes away after one use. With proper care, each set of wispy clusters can be worn 5-10 times or more. At a fraction of the cost of lash extensions, you save money while still achieving bold lashes daily!

Step-By-Step Guide to Applying Lash Clusters:

Ready to master the art of applying faux lash clusters? Follow these simple steps:

Start with clean, makeup-free lashes and use an eyelash curler to gently curl and lift them up. This helps the clusters adhere better to your natural lashes.

Run a bead of the latex-free, water-resistant lash glue along the top of your upper lash line. Wait about 20 seconds for it to become sticky before applying lashes.

Gently peel off one cluster from the thin cotton lash band using your fingers or a pair of tweezers.

Press the lash cluster as close to your natural lash line as possible, holding for 30 seconds until secured. Cover your entire lash line, adding more clusters towards the outer corners.

Carefully trim clusters to fit your eye shape and length preferences using sterilized, sharp scissors. Add extra clusters for drama.

Repeat on the other eye, checking they look symmetrical. Hold the clusters in place for a minute to ensure proper adhesion before opening eyes.

Finish with an eyelash curler to seamlessly blend your new lush, fluttery falsies! Add waterproof mascara if needed.

Remove the reusable clusters gently with an oil-based makeup remover. Store them properly in the included case and refresh the adhesive each wear.

Join the Lash Cluster Craze with Focipeysa!

Take your lashes from basic to bombshell in minutes with these easy to apply clusters. No expensive lash extension upkeep, damaging glues or heavy false lashes. Just light, bouncy feather lashes that open up your eyes.

Experience the versatility first-hand – stack, separate and layer the wispy clusters until you create your perfect eyelash look. Accentuate your eyes for any occasion, from everyday wear to over-the-top glam.

Stock up on this lash wardrobe must-have and make your eyes pop instantly. Bat those fluttery faux minks like you just stepped out of the salon. Focipeysa Lash Clusters bring the luxury lash boutique home!

Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our products and your positive experience. If you have any issues with the lashes, please contact us so we can promptly address any concerns. We guarantee your satisfaction.


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