Achieve Salon-Worthy Lashes Quickly with B&Q Lash Clusters (72pcs) – The Customizable Lash Extension Kit for Flawless at Home Application



Get ready to fool everyone into thinking you just left the lash salon! The innovative B&Q Lash Clusters provide 72 wispy, customizable silk clusters for creating natural to bombshell faux lash extensions right at home.

These pre-bundled lash fans allow you to easily layer and build gorgeous lashes to your desired fullness and length. skip the expensive salon trips and lash artist appointments. Lush fluttery lashes are just clusters away!

Why You’ll Love B&Q Lash Clusters:

DIY Application in Minutes

Applying these faux lash clusters is so easy, anyone can master it! Just tacky glue, peel and press along lash line. No complicated individual lash placement needed. Achieve a full set of wispy extensions in just 10 minutes.

Lightweight Silk Lashes

Each delicate cluster is handmade from glossy silk fiber for a refined, feather-light feel. The thin tapered lashes are carefully criss-crossed for a flexible, bouncy finish that feels weightless on eyes.

Natural Yet Eye-Opening Curl

All clusters are precisely shaped into a natural looking C & D-Curl hybrid. Provides subtly lifted and fanned out enhancement to eyes for awakeness without looking artificially curled.

8mm to 16mm Length Mix

With 5 lengths ranging from 8mm to 16mm, build your ideal eyelash shape. Use the shorter pieces towards the lash line and add length at the outer corners with the more dramatic 16mm wisps.

Thinner, Comfort Band

The transparent polyurethane band is thin yet strong for comfortable wear. Barely notice it’s there! And the flat base prevents any irritation or poking on the delicate eye area.

Reusable and Cost-Effective

Get the most value by reusing clusters up to 10x. Saves money compared to costly lash extension upkeep. A one-time purchase delivers bold lashes for less!

How to Apply B&Q Lash Clusters Flawlessly:

Ensure lashes are clean and curl them upwards with an eyelash curler for added lift.

Run a thin bead of latex-free lash adhesive along your upper lash line. Allow to dry for 30 seconds until tacky.

Gently peel off one lash cluster and press as close to your natural lash line as possible.

Build towards the outer corners, overlapping clusters for added volume.

Hold clusters in place for 60 seconds until the adhesive fully sets.

Curl your natural and falsies together with an eyelash curler. Finish with mascara.

Gently remove the reusable clusters with makeup remover. Store them properly in the included case. Refresh the adhesive with each application for long lasting wear.

Elevate Your Look in Minutes with B&Q!

Enhance your eyes beyond belief with these luxurious lash clusters! Ditch the damage and high costs of traditional extensions. Just quick, customizable silk feathery lashes applied from the comfort of home.

Experience the versatility for yourself – stack, separate and layer the wispy clusters until you achieve your dream lash look. Flaunt fluttery doll lashes for any occasion!

Give your eyes instant red carpet glam and confidence with one easy swipe. B&Q Lash Clusters deliver salon-worthy extensions without leaving your home.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our lashes and your positive experience. Please contact us if you have any issues so we can resolve them quickly. Your satisfaction is our top priority!


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