Achieve Stunning, Long-Lasting Lash Extensions with PROLASH Lash Bonder



Take your lash extension services to the next level with PROLASH Lash Bonder. This professional-grade bonder instantly bonds and seals extensions for longer retention and enhanced comfort. Get ready for happy clients with envy-worthy lashes that last!

PROLASH Lash Bonder acts as a glue accelerator and sealant in one. Just a drop or two instantly tackifies glue to bond extensions in place. It also creates a protective seal for increased longevity and waterproof, smudge-free wear.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced lash tech, PROLASH Lash Bonder makes achieving flawless lash extensions easy. Keep reading to see why this is a must-have for any lash artist’s kit.

Instantly Bonds Extensions in Place

PROLASH Lash Bonder enables glue to tack up rapidly so extensions bond instantly to natural lashes. No more waiting around for glue to dry!

The bonder interacts with adhesive to speed up the cure time. This allows you to move efficiently from lash to lash without any dragging or sticking.

Lashes bond firmly the moment they touch the natural lash line. This prevents extensions from slipping or shifting while the glue dries.

Creates Protective Seal for Extended Wear

In addition to instant bonding, PROLASH Lash Bonder seals the extension and glue for extra long wear. The bonder forms a waterproof barrier that reinforces the bond.

This seal locks in extensions so they stay put through busy days, workouts, steamy showers and more. No unexpected lift or fallout, even in humidity.

Lashes retain their freshly applied look for over a week. Clients will be amazed at how long their flawless extensions last!

Makes Lashes Waterproof

The protective seal formed by the bonder also makes extensions 100% waterproof. No need to worry about smudging or mishaps in steamy showers, swimming, rainy weather or tears.

Lashes withstand it all while staying perfectly in place. The waterproof seal preserves the beautiful results so clients look photo shoot ready at all times.

Reduces Fumes and Irritation

While providing incredible bonding power, PROLASH Lash Bonder is gentle on clients’ eyes. It actually minimizes fumes and irritation from the glue adhesive.

The bonder seals in odors and neutralizes chemicals. This prevents any stinging or discomfort during the application process.

Clients can relax with their eyes closed, making your job easier. The extensions feel natural and comfortable right away.

Adds Flexibility for Comfort

In addition to sealing the bond, PROLASH Lash Bonder makes extensions more flexible so they move naturally with clients’ eyes.

The bonder allows extensions to flex rather than remain stiff. This prevents poking or scratching of the eye.

Clients will forget they’re even wearing extensions! The flexibility makes lashes feel like a natural part of their eyes.

Designed for Professional Use

PROLASH Lash Bonder is formulated specifically for professional lash extension application. It should only be used by trained lash artists.

The concentrated formula is too strong for direct use on natural lashes. But in the hands of a skilled technician, it takes extensions to the next level.

Trust PROLASH’s salon-grade products to make you an expert lash stylist and keep clients coming back.

Convenient Dropper for Controlled Application

A dropper tip bottle allows precise, controlled application of bonder exactly where needed. No waste or mess!

Just squeeze a tiny drop or two over extensions to instantly tackify glue and seal the bond. Two drops can seal an entire eye.

The 15mL bottle contains enough bonder for approximately 200 full set applications. A little goes a long way.

Achieve flawless, long-lasting lash extensions with PROLASH Lash Bonder. This pro-grade bonder and sealant is the secret weapon of top lash artists for natural-looking extensions that stay stuck for over a week. Satisfy clients and grow your business!


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