American Crew Fiber for Thickened & Textured Hairstyles with Matte Finish



Get the fuller, thicker hairstyle you’ve been wanting with American Crew Fiber. This high hold, low shine hair styling product helps add loads of texture and body to your hair for dramatic styling effects. If you’re tired of your fine, limp locks and want to inject some life into your hairstyle, American Crew Fiber is just what you need.

Formulated to deliver strong, moldable hold without any greasy residue or oily shine, American Crew Fiber lets you sculpt your hair into unique, eye-catching styles that stay put all day. The matte finish remains workable yet doesn’t look wet or overly stiff. Simply use it when you want hair that appears fuller and thicker with extra grip and control.

How American Crew Fiber Thickens & Texturizes Hair

The secret behind American Crew Fiber’s volumizing and texturizing abilities lies in its lightweight formula. This hair styler contains bendable fibers that bind to each hair strand, helping it stay in place once you’ve styled it how you want. The fibers cling onto your hair to add grip and texture, allowing you to create more dramatic styles.

At the same time, the fibers coat each hair strand to make it appear thicker. This creates an illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair overall. Even guys blessed with thick locks can get extra oomph and lift at the roots when using American Crew Fiber.

Whether your hair is curly, wavy, straight, thick or thin, American Crew Fiber can boost its body and fullness. The fibers give you greater control to try out unique hairstyles like spikes, surfer waves, messy textures, pomps, and more.

Get Strong Hold That’s Workable & Natural-Looking

A common gripe guys have with many hair gels and creams is that they make your hair look stiff, crunchy and unnatural. American Crew Fiber provides moldable hold without compromising on a natural look.

The pliable fibers allow you to restyle and rework your hair at any time. Unlike hair sprays and hard gels that set locks into place, American Crew Fiber remains workable so you can tweak your style. Run your hands through your hair to loosen things up or restyle strands as needed.

Even with frequent touching up, the hold remains intact to keep hair set how you want. Whether you’re headed from the office to the gym or a night out, your hair stays put. No need to reapply product or worry about your style falling flat halfway through the day.

At the same time, American Crew Fiber doesn’t feel stiff or crunchy. Your hair has movement and flows naturally as you go about your day. The matte finish gets rid of any greasy residue too, so your hair looks and feels clean.

Matte Finish for Understated Sophistication

Say goodbye to the wet, overly shiny hair look with American Crew Fiber. This hair styler delivers a matte finish for hair that looks lush yet natural. For guys that prefer an understated, sophisticated hairstyle, the matte finish is ideal.

Your hair has a muted, natural luster that lets your cut and style speak for itself. No greasy or overly stiff hair here – just touchable softness with ample hold. Even as the hours pass, the matte finish persists to prevent oiliness or product buildup.

The matte texture is perfect for formal events like weddings, graduations, religious services, dinner parties, and more. Of course, it works great for the office, school, casual weekends, and everyday wear too!

Made for Men by the Grooming Experts at American Crew

With decades of experience catering to men’s hair needs, American Crew creates innovative grooming essentials for the modern man. Its team of experts continuously research ingredients and technologies to develop products that deliver real results.

American Crew Fiber represents the brand’s pursuit of the perfect hair styling product. It provides moldable hold and matte texture that caters to men’s styling needs and preferences.

In addition to hair products, American Crew offers a complete range of shaving, skincare, body, and beard care items. Their offerings help guys look and feel their best every day.

Invest in premium-quality men’s grooming with American Crew Fiber. Let your hair’s full potential shine with this transformative styler.

How to Use American Crew Fiber

American Crew Fiber couldn’t be easier to use! Just follow these simple steps:

Shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Make sure locks are clean before applying product.
Lightly towel dry hair until damp but not fully dry. Applying to slightly damp hair helps American Crew Fiber grip better.
Scoop out a fingernail-sized amount of American Crew Fiber and rub thoroughly between palms.
Evenly distribute and work product through dry hair from roots to tips. Apply more product to areas needing extra hold.
Style hair as desired using your fingers, comb or brush. Sculpt, spike, wave or smooth strands into place.
For added volume at the roots, flip head upside down while blow drying hair. Lift and style locks in the direction you want.
Once hair is styled, run fingers through periodically to loosen any stiff sections. Style can be tweaked and touched up anytime.
Tip: Less product is needed for fine or thin hair. Start with a pea-sized amount first before adding more if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Crew Fiber add shine?

No, this hair styling product delivers a matte finish with zero greasy residue or added luster. It thickens, texturizes and holds hair in place without any glossy shine.

Is American Crew Fiber good for curly or wavy hair?

Yes, it’s fantastic for adding definition and hold to curly and wavy hair types. The moldable hold lets you scrunch curls into place or shape waves how you like.

Can you restyle hair after applying American Crew Fiber?

Absolutely! Unlike hard gels, American Crew Fiber remains pliable so you can redo your hairstyle multiple times in a day if needed.

Does American Crew Fiber work on thick hair?

It sure does. American Crew Fiber boasts a flexible hold that can tame and direct even the thickest, most unruly locks with ease. Use it to add extra lift at the roots too.

Is American Crew Fiber easy to wash out?

Yes, it rinses out easily with just your regular shampoo and water. No harsh cleansers or repeat washes needed to remove the product.

Can American Crew Fiber be used on dry hair?

For best results, apply to damp, towel-dried hair. However, it can be used on completely dry hair as well if needed to touch up styling. Use a lighter application if hair is dry.

How much American Crew Fiber should be used?

Start with an amount the size of a pea or fingernail. Emulsify between palms then work through hair, using more product as needed for your hair length and style. Less product is needed for fine hair.


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