Catch the Scent of Luxury with Lattafa’s Sheikh Al Shuyukh Collection Eau de Parfum for Men



Immerse yourself in refinement and sophistication with the Sheikh Al Shuyukh Collection from Lattafa Perfumes. This luxurious eau de parfum for men combines fresh, aromatic, and woody notes to create a bold yet sophisticated fragrance profile.

An Alluring Blend of Citrus, Herbal and Woody Notes
The Sheikh Al Shuyukh Collection opens with an exhilarating mix of citrus and herbal notes including lemongrass, lemon, sage and lavender. The aromatic pairing of lemon and lemongrass adds a crisp, tart freshness, while sage and lavender lend a soft yet spicy green floralcy.

As the perfume develops, the fragrance transitions into an alluring heart of leather, rosemary and musky mimosa. Hints of rose add a touch of sophistication. Earthy cardamom and smoky leather notes create an intriguing, masculine aura.

Finally, the fragrance unfurls into a warm, woody base of cedar, oakmoss, amber and musk. Subtle vanilla inflections provide a creamy sweetness to balance the earthy woods and amber. The musk amplifies the sensuality of the composition.

Three Unique Expressions for Every Occasion
The Sheikh Al Shuyukh Collection includes three distinct eau de parfums, allowing you to switch up your scent for any occasion:

Sheikh Al Shuyukh Final Edition – This fresh, aromatic fragrance pairs citrus and herbal notes with woody amber and musk for a bold daytime scent. Confident and charismatic.

Sheikh Al Shuyukh Khusoosi – An oriental blend of saffron, lavender and oud for a mysterious evening fragrance. Seductive warmth with exotic intrigue.

Sheikh Al Shuyukh Luxe Edition – A luxurious composition with spicy cinnamon, rose and vanilla. Sophisticated and elegant for special occasions.

Long Lasting Formula in an Elegant Bottle
Housed in a premium glass bottle with gold accents, the Sheikh Al Shuyukh Collection is beautifully presented. The EDP concentration provides superior longevity compared to EDT, with notes lingering on skin for hours. It performs well in high heat and humidity without losing its intensity.

Effortless Sophistication for the Modern Gentleman
The Sheikh Al Shuyukh Collection EDP embodies modern luxury for today’s gentleman. Both alluring and refined, the fragrances are intricately crafted with quality ingredients for showstopping performance. With three unique expressions, you’ll always have the perfect scent for any occasion or mood.

Bring a touch of sophistication and intrigue to your fragrance wardrobe with Lattafa’s Sheikh Al Shuyukh Collection.


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