Dermaplaning Razor Kit – Gently Exfoliate and Remove Peach Fuzz



Get smooth, hair-free skin with this dermaplaning kit from Kitsch. The pack includes 12 facial razors to remove vellus hairs and exfoliate for a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Bye Bye Peach Fuzz

Unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz can make makeup application frustrating. This dermaplaning razor set safely removes those fine hairs so your foundation glides on flawlessly.

The stainless steel blades gently exfoliate by sloughing off dead cells to reveal fresher skin. Your complexion feels incredibly soft and smooth.

12 Facial Razors for At-Home Dermaplaning

This convenient kit comes with 12 razors to give you everything needed for DIY dermaplaning sessions. Each razor can be used 3-4 times for fuzz-free, exfoliated skin.

Having 12 tools allows you to maintain smooth skin between monthly dermaplaning treatments. Or share extras with friends so they can try this simple hair removal method.

Save Time & Money

With this dermaplaning razor set, you can conveniently remove facial hair and exfoliate at home. No more booking appointments or paying for expensive salon treatments.

These razors allow you to reveal brighter, healthier-looking skin in just minutes whenever it fits your schedule. And you save on dermaplaning costs.

How to Use the Facial Razors

Cleanse and dry your face before shaving.

Hold skin taut while gently gliding the razor downward in short strokes. Never shave upwards.

Rinse razor often to remove dead skin and hairs for thorough exfoliation.

Avoid repeating strokes over one area to prevent irritation.

Apply moisturizer after shaving to hydrate skin.

Stainless Steel Blades

The 100% stainless steel blades feature an anti-rust coating to keep them hygienically sharp for multiple uses. When cared for properly, these razors provide a close, gentle shave.

Exfoliate for Fresher Skin

Dead skin cell buildup can make your complexion appear dull and tired. Dermaplaning with these razors removes that debris to reveal brighter, more radiant skin instantly.

Exfoliating also allows your skincare products to absorb better. Your skin will look its healthiest and most receptive.

Perfect Makeup Application

Facial peach fuzz and dry flakes can make makeup look uneven and caked on. Dermaplaning gives you a smooth, blank canvas for flawless makeup application.

Foundations, concealers, powders, and blushes glide effortlessly onto your freshly exfoliated skin. Your makeup routine becomes quicker and more effective.

Gentle for Sensitive Skin

The thin blades gently remove dead cells and fine hairs without irritating skin. This makes dermaplaning safe even for those with sensitive complexions.

Always shave lightly in the direction of hair growth to avoid redness. Moisturize after for a comfortable shave.

Reveal your healthiest, smoothest, peach fuzz-free complexion at home with this dermaplaning kit from Kitsch. It also makes a great skincare gift!


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