Flaunt Natural Yet Alluring Eyes with Frihappy #17-Understated False Eyelashes



Create dazzlingly beautiful eyes in an instant with the Frihappy #17-Understated False Eyelashes. These false lashes feature a wispy design inspired by natural lashes to give your eyes a soft, understated elegance.

The lush, fluttery synthetic fibers look and feel incredibly realistic like your own lashes. So you get gorgeously enhanced eyes that don’t appear overly dramatic. Wear them daily or for special occasions to frame your eyes in feather-soft fiber lashes that accentuate your natural beauty.

The lightweight false lashes feel ultra-comfortable on your eyes. Flexible cotton band allows for easy, customizable fitting along your lash line. The reusable lashes can handle multiple wears and removals when cared for properly.

Get ready to bat those wispy lashes and get noticed for your subtle yet striking eyes. The Frihappy #17-Understated False Eyelashes promise to make your eyes pop beautifully.


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