Get Gorgeous, Long-Lasting Lashes with CAELYMINE Lash Bond and Seal



Take your lashes to new stunning lengths with the CAELYMINE Lash Bond and Seal! This innovative 2-in-1 duo bonds lashes securely and seals them for extra long wear. Enjoy lush, envy-worthy lashes that stay put for over 72 hours.

The unique dual-ended design makes DIY lash application easy and foolproof. Use the Bond end to adhere your falsies, then follow up with the Seal end to reinforce lashes and boost longevity. No more pesky lift or fallout halfway through wear!

Whether you’re new to lashes or a pro, the CAELYMINE Lash Bond and Seal has everything you need for salon-fabulous lashes you can apply in minutes. Keep reading to see why this is a total game changer for head-turning lashes.

Super Strong 72+ Hour Hold

The CAELYMINE Lash Bond and Seal provides unbeatable hold to keep falsies locked in place for 72+ hours. While regular lash glue may only last 24 hours, this formula adheres lashes for over 3 days!

The Bond creates serious staying power to glue on any lash types. Then the Seal reinforces each lash for extended, waterproof wear. Lashes stay stuck through work, play, exercise, rain, tears – you name it.

Say goodbye to annoying lift or strips falling off prematurely. This lash glue means tenacious hold and voluminous, bold lashes that last.

Ideal for Sensitive Eyes

While this glue boasts incredible hold, the formula is gentle and non-irritating for sensitive eyes. It contains moisturizing Vitamin E instead of harsh chemicals.

There’s no smoke, fumes, clumping or smudging. The mild ingredients provide comfortable wear you barely notice is there. No redness, stinging or dryness.

People with latex allergies, contacts, or environmental sensitivities can wear this worry-free. CAELYMINE has your comfort in mind.

Save Money with 2-in-1 Design

The unique 2-in-1 design gives you both lash glue and sealant in one handy tube, saving you money. No need to buy two separate products!

One end has the Lash Bond adhesive while the other end contains the Seal. Start with the Bond to glue your falsies in place. Follow with the Seal to reinforce and set instantly.

The mascara wand allows smooth, even application without globs or clumps. Get a pro-finish in half the time.

Spiral Brush Makes Application Easy

The innovative spiral brush makes application easier than ever. The brush grabs the ideal amount of glue and deposits it evenly across lashes for flawless coverage.

The soft fibers coat every lash hair to help falsies blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. The spiral wand is superior to traditional brushes.

Even total beginners can expertly apply glue and lashes for naturally full, beautiful eyes. It’s so easy!

Lasts for Days on Clusters

This lash glue is specially designed to provide marathon hold on tricky cluster lashes. Simply glue clusters together with Bond, pinch onto your natural lashes, then seal the deal with the Seal end.

Sealing the bond on clusters can make them last a full week! Much longer than traditional glues. You’ll save money on refills.

Forget about clusters popping off or losing strands with this reinforced hold. This lash glue handles clusters like a pro.

Shop with Confidence

CAELYMINE has 20+ years experience crafting quality false lashes to make beauty simple. Their lash experts are ready to help if any questions come up!

Experience the gorgeous, long-lasting lashes you’ve always wanted with CAELYMINE’s Lash Bond and Seal. It takes the hassle out of falsies for natural-looking lashes that stay put 72+ hours. Your eyes will thank you!


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