Get Natural, Fuller Lashes Instantly with Lomansa’s Professional Lash & Brow Tinting Kit



Tired of waking up to lackluster lashes and brows that disappear behind glasses and makeup? Wish you could have gorgeous, vivid lashes and brows without the hassle and cost of extensions, fills, and daily makeup? Lomansa’s Lash Color Kit brings the beauty of professional eyelash extensions right into your bathroom. In just 15 minutes, you can achieve naturally voluminous, darker lashes and brows that will make your eyes pop for weeks.

Salon-Quality Results from the Comfort of Home

Lomansa’s lash tinting kit includes everything you need to easily tint your eyelashes and eyebrows for beautiful, natural-looking results. The ammonia-free color creme glides smoothly onto lashes and brows and rinses away easily after developing, leaving behind rich, glossy color without damage.

The color lasts 4 full weeks, so you can wake up with gorgeous lashes and brows every day without having to apply mascara or spend time penciling in brows. The results are so natural that no one will know you have tinted lashes and brows – they’ll just notice how bright and beautiful your eyes look!

Simple, Mess-Free Application in Just 15 Minutes

Getting salon-perfect lashes and brows is quick and easy with Lomansa’s lash kit. Just mix the color crème and developer, apply to clean lashes and brows with theincluded brushes, let sit 5-10 minutes, and rinse. The ammonia-free formula is gentle enough for daily use.

With foolproof instructions and pro mixing tips, even lash tinting newbies can perfect their technique quickly. And since the kit contains enough product for multiple applications, you can tweak application for your desired look.

Tinting takes just 15 minutes, with zero mess or complicated equipment. The compact kit is perfect for travel and storage. You’ll have everything you need for salon-gorgeous lashes and brows anytime, anywhere.

The Longest Lasting, Most Vivid Black Color

Lomansa’s lash tint stands out for its exceptionally long-lasting, deep black pigment. The color lasts up to 4 weeks, much longer than traditional mascara or other lash tints.

The ultra-rich black is the perfect shade for naturally bold definition. It never looks awkward or fake. Just sexy, full lashes and brows that make your eyes pop!

The creamy formula adheres perfectly to hair for the most intense saturation of color possible. It won’t fade or run, even with oil, sweat, or facial cleansers. You’ll cut your mascara use dramatically while enjoying glam lashes 24/7.

Nourish Lashes While Tinting for Healthier Lookingresults

Unlike other lash tints, Lomansa’s kit is enriched with nourishing and conditioning ingredients like glycerin and botanical extracts. As it colors, it strengthens and hydrates lashes and brows for visibly improved thickness and shine.

The formula is gentle enough for daily use and won’t cause irritation or lash loss like extensions. Your lashes will likely grow longer and fuller with consistent use.

Tinting grooms hard-to-manage brows while coloring them, so brows look neater and polished along with defined. Forget brow pencils and gels – this kit does it all for naturally flawless arches!

Salon Quality, Pro Results Without the Salon Price

Lomansa’s lash tinting kit delivers the same high-quality results as professional salon lash tinting at a mere fraction of the price. No more shelling out big bucks every few weeks for touch ups.

This kit pays for itself quickly and keeps your lashes looking fab 24/7. With proper care, the color creme and developer last over a year, making this kit an incredible value.

Every application helps perfect your technique for precise control over the intensity and shape of your lashed and brows. Get professional results at home on your own schedule.

Safety Tested, Kind to Eyes and Skin

Lomansa firmly stands behind the safety and gentle nature of our lash tinting kit. The non-toxic, PPD free formula is mild enough for contacts wearers and sensitive eyes and skin. It has been clinically and dermatologically tested for safety and allergy risk.

The color creme meets EU cosmetic safety standards for use around the sensitive eye area. We want every customer to have complete peace of mind while using Lomansa products. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priority.

You Deserve Gorgeous Lashes and Brows Daily – Try Lomansa!

Make everyday a beautiful day with naturally lush lashes and brows with the easy Lomansa Lash Color Kit! No more fluttering bare lashes or dull, uneven arches. This kit reveals your eyes in their most dazzling, youthful light.

Buy with confidence knowing Lomansa ensures your satisfaction or your money back. We can’t wait for you to experience the life-changing magic of tinted lashes and brows!


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