Get Natural Looking Lashes Instantly with AMZGIRL Lash Bond and Seal



Tired of falsies that look fake and feel uncomfortable? Get ready for natural looking lashes instantly with the innovative AMZGIRL Lash Bond and Seal. This dynamic duo takes your lashes to new lengths with its strong 72 hour hold and comfortable, waterproof formula.

The Lash Bond glues on lashes securely while the Seal creates a protective barrier for extended wear. No more annoyances like lift, fallout or discomfort halfway through the day or night! This lash glue is the real deal for gorgeous, envy-worthy lashes that feel like your own.

Whether you’re new to falsies or a pro, the AMZGIRL Lash Bond and Seal has everything you need for stunning lashes you can put on in minutes. Keep reading to see why this is a lash game-changer!

72 Hours of Strong, Comfortable Hold

The AMZGIRL Lash Bond and Seal provides unbeatable hold to keep lashes locked in place for a full 72 hours. While regular glues may only last 24 hours, this innovative formula adheres lashes for 3 full days!

The Bond creates strong adhesion to individual lashes or strips. Then the Seal reinforces and protects each lash for extended wear. Buds stay stuck through busy work days, events, exercise, crying, rainstorms – whatever life throws at them.

No more lashes lifting or falling halfway through wear. This dynamic duo means tenacious hold and luxuriously full lashes for days on end!

Innovative Under Lash Application

Unlike traditional falsie application over top your lashes, AMZGIRL’s formula lets you apply lashes underneath your natural lashes. This provides a seamless, natural look like your lashes grew that full on their own!

The microfibers blend right into your lash line and feel like a natural extension of you. No one will know you have falsies on – it just looks like you won the genetic lottery with stunning lashes!

Gentle, Nourishing Formula

While the Bond and Seal provide unparalleled hold, the nourishing formula won’t damage your natural lashes. The ingredients like Vitamin E actually condition lashes to make them healthier!

The formula is free of latex, fumes, clumping and smudging. It goes on cleanly for comfortable wear you forget is even there. No irritation, stinging or dryness.

When ready to remove, the glue dissolves without pulling or tugging your precious lashes. Gently melt the adhesive away with oil-based remover and slide off the extensions.

Waterproof Protection

The Seal creates a waterproof barrier that locks in each lash for stay-put wear. Lashes remain perfect through splashes, workouts, steam, tears and rainstorms.

Rain, swimming, humidity, emotions – nothing fazes these tenacious falsies! The waterproof seal withstands it all to keep your lashes enviably fabulous.

Perfect for Any Occasion

This versatile lash glue works for any occasion, day or night. Use it for:

  • Everyday wear
  • Work
  • Dates
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Vacations
  • Photoshoots
  • Performances

Anytime you want to amp up your lashes with a natural looking, comfortable extension, reach for the AMZGIRL Bond and Seal.

This lash super-duo is also ideal for beginners and pros alike. The easy application, long lasting hold and nourishing ingredients make it a winner for all lash lovers.

How to Apply

Clean lashes and remove any makeup, oil or residue. Apply lash glue to the falsie strip or individuals.

Wait 20-30 seconds for glue to get tacky. This helps it stick better.

Apply falsies underneath your upper natural lash line, pressing into place.

Use the Seal end to coat over top lashes. This seals the bond and reinforces hold.

Hold for 60 seconds so lashes stay in place, then let the magic begin!

With the AMZGIRL Lash Bond and Seal, you’ll have gorgeous lashes in minutes that last comfortably for days. Ditch the falsies that look fake – these extensions look and feel like the real you. Get ready to bat those lashes!


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