Get Naturally Fluttery Lashes with Onlyall’s Wispy Everyday False Lashes (10 Pairs)



Do you want to enhance your natural eye beauty without going overboard? Onlyall’s Wispy Everyday False Lashes are designed to give you a naturally fluttery, eye-opening look that flatters all eye shapes beautifully.

With thinner, lightweight bands that are virtually invisible, Onlyall’s wispy lashes look and feel incredibly natural on. The bands blend seamlessly into your lash line, while the subtly flared lash ends add length and fullness for a wide awake, doe-eyed look.

Ultra-Lightweight Design for Comfort

Onlyall wispy lashes feature thinner cotton bands that are flexible and very lightweight. At just 0.07mm thin, the bands are designed to be undetectable on your eyes. The superfine, featherweight synthetic fiber lashes are also expertly crafted to feel weightless. This allows you to wear these falsies comfortably from day to night.

Whether you’re looking for everyday lashes or want glam lashes for a special event, these wispy Onlyall lashes allow you to enhance your eyes beautifully without any heaviness or discomfort. The flexible cotton bands also ensure the lashes contour smoothly along your natural lash line.

Fluttery Volume Without the Extra Drama

Accentuate your eyes with a natural looking flutter! These Onlyall wispy lashes add soft, featherlike volume and length while still looking delicate and understated.

The crisscrossed lash pattern creates subtle fullness across the entire lash line, fanning outwards at the edges for a doe-eyed look. The longer lash lengths at the edges add eye-opening elongation. This gives your natural lashes a boost without going over the top.

Whether you love a no makeup makeup look or prefer soft glam, these lightweight false lashes allow you to achieve fluttery, eye-opening lashes in a natural way. They’re also perfect for adding a subtle everyday lift to your natural lashes if you want to enhance your eyes while going about your day.

Designed to Flatter All Eye Shapes

No matter your natural eye shape, these wispy false lashes will accentuate your eyes beautifully.

The thin, flexible band guarantees a seamless application along both your upper and lower lash lines. Meanwhile, the trimmed lash lengths and flared shape is expertly designed to contour all eye sizes and shapes.

Those with smaller eyes will find the crisscrossed volume helps add definition. For larger eyes, the delicate wispy design keeps things proportional.

The crossover pattern also accentuates almond, round, hooded, close-set, downturned, upturned, and monolid eye shapes gorgeously. Truly, anyone can achieve natural volume and lift with these falsies!

Long-Lasting and Reusable for Ultimate Value

Tired of falsies you can only wear once? Onlyall’s wispy lashes are made from quality materials to ensure long-lasting wear.

The durable, lightweight cotton band holds the lash shape wash after wash. Meanwhile, the synthetic fiber lashes keep their fluttery form and softness. With proper care, you can get over 15 wears out of each set!

To get the longest use out of your Onlyall false lashes:

Avoid tugging at the band when applying and removing
Use lash-safe glue and remover
Gently brush lashes post-wear to retain shape
Store lashes in the box out of sunlight when not in use
Maximize value for your money and avoid lash waste with Onlyall’s reusable wispy falsies!

Flutter Those Lashes With Complete Confidence

Enhance your natural eye beauty simply and beautifully with Onlyall’s Wispy Everyday False Lashes. With 10 pairs of lightweight, reusable lashes, you can achieve eye-opening lift and volume for any occasion.

Slip these falsies on in a snap thanks to the flexible cotton bands that mold to your eyes. Feel comfortable wearing these featherweight lashes all day or night long. Then reuse them again and again to make the most of your investment.

Give your lashes a soft, wispy boost and open up your eyes without going over the top. Get the naturally fluttery lashes of your dreams with this must-have set from Onlyall!


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