Introducing the LivaClean Superstar Acne Patches – Cute Star-Shaped Hydrocolloid Bandages That Heal Breakouts Fast



Tired of unsightly pimples and breakouts ruining your flawless complexion? Want to get rid of those annoying blemishes overnight without expensive creams or irritating ingredients? Then it’s time to discover the secret skincare weapon of the stars – the LivaClean Superstar Acne Patches!

These innovative acne stickers aren’t your average clear circles. They come in a fun variety of colors and sport a star shape that adds a dash of cuteness to your skincare routine. But don’t let the playful look fool you – these pimple patches pack some serious blemish-blasting power!

Inside each pack are 240 star-shaped hydrocolloid stickers ready to start banishing breakouts. Hydrocolloid technology creates a protective barrier over pimples, sealing out dirt, oil and bacteria to accelerate healing. The natural extract blend with salicylic acid & tea tree oil also helps dry out and disinfect blemishes without causing dryness or irritation.

Overnight acne care has never been so easy! Just stick a self-adhesive patch over clean dry skin and let it work its magic as you sleep. The hydrocolloid action extracts impurities as the star shape surrounds and protects the blemish from external contact. Wake up to flatter, calmer and less red breakouts.

Keep using LivaClean’s cure for pimples day and night to make blemishes disappear without leaving behind scars or dark marks. The translucent patch turns white as it absorbs oil and pus from zits – yuck! But it means the star is hard at work keeping your skin blemish-free.

Choose from 4 fun colors:

🟡 Yellow – Bright like the sun to infuse your skincare routine with positive energy. These sunny stars tackle everything from whiteheads to monster undergrounders.

🟣 Space Purple – Mystical as the galaxy, these interstellar patches blast away pesky hormonal acne.

💚 Jelly Green – Cool as mint, these soothing stars calm inflammation and redness as they heal.

🌊 Neptune Teal – Deep sea dreams help heal even cystic bumps with these oceanic dots.

With 12mm stars, these hydrocolloid acne stickers are perfectly sized to target breakouts small and large while keeping the rest of your skin bare. The thin material is almost invisible on the skin – no more thick, heavy patches that fall off in the middle of the day! These strong stickers grip tight and are waterproof, sweat-proof and wash-proof.

Forget picking at pimples and using irritating chemicals that leave your skin dry, flaky and red. Let the LivaClean Superstar Acne Patches banish blemishes the fast, fun and easy way! Simply cover pimples with these cute hydrocolloid stars and let them work their magic. In as little as 6 hours, you’ll see whiteheads start to shrink and redness fading.

Unlock clear, beautiful skin with the dermatologist-approved acne patch stars loved by skincare minimalists and maximalists alike. They’re gentle enough for sensitive skin but powerful enough to tackle even deep cystic acne thanks to the ace combination of hydrocolloid plus salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

With such an affordable price for 240 acne stickers, you can finally say goodbye to expensive creams and annoying breakouts. Help heal existing zits, prevent new ones from forming and treat acne-prone areas before they erupt. Stash these slim packs in your bag ormedicine cabinet for on-the-go blemish relief day or night.

Take your skincare to star status with the LivaClean Superstar Acne Patches! Order a pack today and see dramatic results overnight.


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