Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette Spray for Men – Seductive, Sensual, Iconic



Escape to a world of masculine sensuality with Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette. This iconic men’s fragrance envelops you in a provocative aura of virility and allure.

Top Notes

The top notes burst open with a fresh, energetic blend of mint, lavender, and bergamot. The crisp mint and herbal lavender mingle with the tangy, citrusy bergamot to create an exhilarating opening.

Heart Notes

As Le Male settles on the skin, notes of warm, spicy cardamom take center stage, infusing the fragrance with a touch of intriguing exoticism. The cardamom intertwines with gentle orange blossom and smooth cedarwood for a sensual heart.

Base Notes

The fragrance dries down to a sexy, masculine base of vanilla, Tonka bean, amber, and sandalwood. The rich vanilla and almond-like Tonka bean blend seamlessly with creamy amber and earthy sandalwood for a trail of mesmerizing sensuality.

Overall Olfactory Experience

From the first spritz to the lingering dry down, Le Male is bold,virile, and utterly magnetic. This sophisticated eau de toilette has a smooth sensuality to it that is difficult to resist.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Inspiration

Le Male was created by acclaimed French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier as a counterpart to his legendary women’s fragrance Classique. Gaultier drew inspiration from his childhood teddy bear, imbuing Le Male with a comforting softness and warmth.

The fragrance is housed within the iconic torso-shaped bottle, reflecting the designer’s avant-garde aesthetic and cheeky irreverence. Le Male both celebrates and subverts traditional gender roles with its fusion of stereotypically masculine notes like lavender and exotic spices with gentler, more feminine elements like orange blossom and vanilla.

When to Wear It

Le Male is a seductive evening fragrance, perfect for date nights or whenever you want to feel confident and sexy. The exotic spiciness gives it an aura of mystery that’s ideal for more intimate occasions. It also works well in cooler months, as the cardamom, vanilla, and sandalwood create a soft, warming effect.

Who Can Wear It

This sensual eau de toilette is designed for the dynamic, contemporary man who embraces his complexity. Le Male appeals to the cultured, cosmopolitan gentleman with an edge who isn’t afraid to be bold and adventurous.

It’s also a great choice for the artistic, creative type who wants a fragrance that is unique and defies expectations. Le Male is made to be worn with pride by the self-assured urbanite who values quality craftsmanship.

Spray Generously for Best Results

To enjoy the nuances of this fragrance, apply liberally to pulse points on the neck, wrists, and chest. The warmth of your body will activate the notes, allowing the minty top notes to give way to spicy cardamom and finally sensual woods and vanilla. Reapply as needed for lingering aroma.

Complete Your Routine

Pair with Le Male deodorant and shower gel for a complementary fragrance experience from head to toe. The collection allows you to layer the same alluring scent through all your grooming products.

Gift-Worthy Presentation

Le Male comes beautifully presented in a distinctive torso-shaped bottle that makes it ideal for gifting. The unique bottle design is instantly recognizable and displays the essence of Gaultier’s provocative aesthetic.

Iconic and Timeless

Introduced in 1995, Le Male has withstood the test of time and remains a best-selling classic. Both alluring and comfortable, it has earned its reputation as the ultimate feel-good men’s fragrance.

Let Le Male transport you to a sensual escape with its exotic spiciness, plush woods, and addictive vanilla. This iconic fragrance for the contemporary gentleman continues to captivate over 25 years later.


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