kensen Body Hair Trimmer for Men – Safe & Precise Groin Manscaping



Tame unwanted body hair with precision using kensen’s rechargeable men’s body groomer. The advanced ceramic blade trims hair cleanly without irritating the sensitive skin around the groin, underarms and more. Adjustable combs, IPX7 waterproofing, and an LED light ensure safe, customized trimming in any conditions.

The ergonomic, easy to maneuver trimmer prevents nicks and cuts while removing hair from hard-to-reach spots. Never trim your private regions blindly again! kensen’s body groomer for men allows you to safely and effectively keep your body hair neatly groomed.

Gentle Ceramic Blades Prevent Irritation

Traditional metal trimmer blades can cause painful cuts and irritation on delicate body areas. kensen’s groomer features an advanced ceramic blade that gently lifts and trims each hair without pulling or scratching.

The smooth, non-porous surface prevents bacteria buildup for hygienic grooming session after session. Keep your most sensitive regions neatly trimmed without irritation!

Customizable Trimming Lengths

Attach one of the 2 adjustable combs onto the trimmer head to tailor hair length perfectly. Choose a longer setting up to 10mm to conservative trim bulky areas like the chest or legs. Or opt for the shorter 3mm comb to neatly manscape the bikini zone.

The combs prevent the blades from directly contacting skin, ensuring a safe, personalized trim every time.

Bright LED Light for Precision

The built-in LED light illuminates hard-to-see areas for precision trimming, especially in the shower or other low light environments. Finally, no more risky blind manscaping!

The bright light allows you to spot and trim stray hairs around the groin and underarms. Get an even, tidy trim with full visibility.

IPX7 Waterproof for Wet & Dry Use

The IPX7 waterproof rating enables safe wet & dry use, even in the shower. Simply apply shaving cream or soap and water to lubricate skin for smooth gliding and trimming. Or trim hair dry for targeted sculpting and precision.

Rinse the blades easily under water to wipe away trimmed hairs and residue. Shave in whatever conditions you prefer!

Low-Noise & Powerful Motor

The quiet yet powerful 6400 RPM motor efficiently trims through hair without painful snags or pulls. It provides a comfortable, relaxing trimming experience without distracting noise.

Recharge the long-lasting lithium battery for 60 minutes of cordless runtime. Trim your body hair anywhere, anytime!

Quick Tips for Safe Manscaping:

Always attach a guide comb when trimming delicate areas

Stretch skin taut with one hand while trimming to avoid snags

Apply shaving cream, soap or oil for smoother trimming

Move slowly and make multiple passes if needed

Clean trimmer head thoroughly before and after each use

Still have questions? Contact our helpful customer service team.

Love your kensen body trimmer or your money back!

Achieve Your Ideal Manscaped Look

Ditch painful waxing and risky razors – experience safe, customized body grooming with kensen’s body trimmer for men. Order yours today!


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