King C. Gillette Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades – Precise Edging & Styling



Achieve flawless lines, edges, and details with the superior sharpness of King C. Gillette’s Double Edge Safety Razor Blades. The high-carbon steel construction maintains a lasting, precision edge to shape sideburns, necklines, and facial hair with accuracy.

The thin double edge design provides ultimate control for clean lines and details, while the platinum coating reduces friction for a comfortable shave. Get the perfect finish to your style with the King C. Gillette 10-pack of replacement blades.

Precision Edging & Styling

These double edge blades are designed specifically for detail work and edging. The extremely slim profile allows for accurate, detailed trimming along beard lines, sideburns, and the nape of the neck. Easily achieve crisp edges and straight lines.

The narrow width also enables precise shaping of small areas like under the nose and around the mouth. Define your style with perfect precision.

Superior Sharpness & Durability

Each stainless steel blade is hardened and tempered for incredible sharpness and durability through multiple shaves. The high-carbon steel holds its edge well, maintaining the accuracy required for detail trimming and edging session after session.

Precision tip alignment ensures the blade corners glide smoothly without catching or scraping. Trust King C. Gillette’s double edge blades to deliver reliable performance shave after shave.

Platinum Coating for Smooth Shaving

The platinum coating applied to each blade creates an ultra-smooth surface that minimizes friction and tugging as you shave. This allows the razors to glide effortlessly along the skin for a comfortable, irritation-free shave.

Platinum’s anti-corrosive properties also help the blades retain their sharpness over multiple uses. Enjoy smooth, easy edging every time.

Ideal for Safety & Straight Razors

These ultra-slim blades are designed to fit double edge safety razor heads, allowing you to experience their superior edging performance. They also suit traditional straight razors with the appropriate blade width.

Achieve the finishing touches that define your style with the exceptional edging ability of King C. Gillette’s premium razor blades.

Complete Your Shaving Routine

Take your grooming to the next level by pairing King C. Gillette’s precision edging blades with their complete lineup of shaving products. Their signature razors, foams, gels, and aftershaves will have you looking and feeling your very best.

Treat yourself to the perfect shave and style – add King C. Gillette razor blades to your cart today!


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