KINGMAS 5-Piece Eyebrow and Eyelash Grooming Kit – Lash Comb, Brow Brush, and Liner Tool Set for Flawless Makeup Application



Achieve Salon-Perfect Brows and Lashes with the KINGMAS 5-Piece Grooming Set

Get ready to enhance your eye makeup routine with the KINGMAS 5-piece kit containing essential tools for expertly groomed brows and separated lashes. The ergonomic lash comb, angled brow brush, and precision eyeliner brush equip you to apply makeup like a pro.

The innovative designs allow you to easily groom brows, separate lashes, and create crisp liner looks. Crafted from quality steel, these makeup brushes will last for years to come. Pamper your peepers and perfect every detail of your eye makeup with this versatile grooming set.


Amp up your lashes with this ergonomically angled lash comb that lets you brush upward without straining your wrists. The unique shape makes combing through lashes an absolute breeze.

Use it before applying mascara to ensure your lashes are clump-free and ready for product. After mascara, gently brush through to evenly disperse color and remove any clumps. You can also use the lash comb to help dry mascara more quickly.

The stainless steel bristles effectively separate and define each lash while remaining gentle on delicate eyelids. Enjoy salon-worthy lashes in the comfort of your own home.

KINGMAS Angled Brow Brush

Sculpt perfectly polished, shapely brows with the double-sided angled brow brush. The slanted head and compact bristles expertly groom brows hair-by-hair for a natural finish.

Use the brush tip to fill in sparse areas with short, hair-like strokes. Then comb through brows to blend pigment and tame unruly hairs. The angled shape makes it easy to follow your natural brow shape.

The spoolie end tidies and sets brows by brushing through seamlessly. Tame strays and evenly distribute brow gel with this 2-in-1 brush. Frame your eyes flawlessly every time.

KINGMAS Fine Eyeliner Brush

Achieve supremely sharp winged liner, smoky eyeshadow, precise dots, and any intricate eye look you desire with the KINGMAS Fine Eyeliner Brush.

The extra-fine tip offers complete control. Dip into gel, liquid, or powder formulas to line lids, inner rims, and lashlines with total accuracy. The firm yet flexible bristles create stunning definition while being gentle around the delicate eye area.

Take your eye makeup artistry to the next level with this professional liner brush. It takes the frustration out of applying tricky eyeliner styles.

Ergonomic Tools for Easy Use

The unique handles on the KINGMAS lash comb and brow brush allow you to hold the tools at an angle that feels natural for your wrists and hands. There’s no need to twist or strain. Reach all areas around your eyes effortlessly for quick, hassle-free grooming and makeup application.

High-Quality Steel Set Built to Last

The KINGMAS kit is constructed from salon-grade stainless steel built for longevity and everyday use. The tools keep their shape wash after wash so you can rely on them to deliver flawless results. The fine tips and bristles won’t bend or wear out.

Steel is easy to disinfect and keep clean compared to wood. Simply rinse the combs and brushes with cleanser and leave to air dry. Enjoy these makeup essentials for years before needing to replace them.

Perfect for Salon Pros and DIY Beauty Lovers

Whether you’re a makeup artist or enjoy experimenting with beauty trends at home, this grooming set equips you with the precise tools needed to get salon-worthy results.

The lash comb leaves lashes looking lengthy and fanned out. The brow brush sculpts natural-looking arches. The eyeliner brush unlocks a myriad of bold looks. Level up your eye makeup skills with the KINGMAS kit.

Pamper Your Peepers

Give your eyes some TLC with these grooming tools designed to enhance your natural beauty. Separate and define lashes so they appear fuller and longer. Sculpt brows so they beautifully frame your eyes. Take your time to appreciate and accentuate your gorgeous eyes.

The KINGMAS 5-Piece Grooming Set Includes:

Angled lash comb for clump-free, fanned out lashes
Double-ended brow brush with brush and spoolie
Fine tip eyeliner brush for precise application
2 x eyelash combs for upper and lower lashes
Premium stainless steel construction
Ergonomic handles for easy maneuvering
Professional quality for salon-worthy results
Travel-friendly sizes for on-the-go use
Elegant rose gold and black color scheme
Amp Up Your Eye Makeup Routine

Elevate your eye makeup looks with the help of the KINGMAS 5-piece eyebrow and eyelash grooming set. With the right tools, you’ll be surprised how simple achieving stunning eyes can be. Order the complete kit today to enhance your natural beauty.


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