KINGMAS 7-Piece Eyeliner Brush Set – Angled, Ultra Fine Tapered Tip and Flat Definer Brushes for Flawless Gel, Liquid and Powder Eye Makeup Application



Achieve striking, precise eye makeup looks with the KINGMAS 7-piece eyeliner brush set. This professional quality set equips you with angled, tapered, and flat definer brushes for applying eye products with artistic flair.

The ultra-fine brush heads provide complete control for crafting everything from subtly defined eyeliner to dramatic graphic shapes. The ergonomic handles ensure the brushes are easy and comfortable to maneuver.

Take your eye makeup skills to the next level with these versatile brushes designed for gel, liquid, and powder formulas.

KINGMAS Eyeliner Brush Set Includes:

3 x Tapered Tip Eyeliner Brushes
Create razor sharp lines along the upper and lower lashlines with the extra-fine tapered brushes. The pointed tip allows you to wing out liner and etch precise graphic shapes. Use the brushes for bold eyeliner, faux freckles, or waterline application.

2 x Angled Eyeliner Brushes
Trace your lashlines or fill in brows with the angled eyeliner brushes. The slanted shape makes following the contours of your eyes effortless for smooth, stay-put application. Use with gel, liquid, or powder products.

2 x Flat Definer Brushes
These compact, flat brushes build color along the lashline and inner rims or smudge out liner for a smoky effect. The firm, flat edge offers excellent control for definition and contouring.

Highlights of KINGMAS Eyeliner Brushes:

Synthetic bristles suitable for cream, liquid, and powder formulas
Ultra-fine tips for detailed application and precision
Angled shapes make tracing lashlines effortless
Flat definer brushes for smudging and smoky eyes
Ergonomic wood handles provide control and prevent fatigue
Vegan and cruelty-free materials
Craft Striking Eye Makeup Looks

The KINGMAS eyeliner brush set provides the tools you need to go beyond basic liner and sculpt works of eye makeup art.

Use the fine tip brushes to etch feline flicks, graphic shapes, and bold wings. Add definition along the waterline or underscore lower lashes. Create faux freckles and dots for a playful touch.

The angled brushes ensure smooth application along the upper and lower lashlines. Trace the contours of your eyes with ease. The flat defender brushes build depth and allow you to smudge liner shadows for that sultry, smoky eye look.

High Quality Brushes Made to Last

KINGMAS eyeliner brushes are constructed from premium quality materials built to endure repeated use. The bristles retain their shape and soft feel wash after wash so you can achieve flawless results every time.

The wooden handles provide a comfortable grip that allows for fine control and precision application. Enjoy these professional makeup brushes for years to come.

Simple Brush Care

Clean the KINGMAS eyeliner brushes regularly with brush cleanser or mild shampoo to keep bristles fresh and supple. Gently massage cleanser into the bristles and rinse until the water runs clear. Allow brushes to air dry before storing in the included plastic sleeves.

Pro Tips for Using Eyeliner Brushes:

Apply powder eyeshadow beneath the lower lashes first to catch any liner fallout.

Use the tapered tip brushes for inner corner highlights and brow bone shading too.

Follow your lashline, connecting the liner across your lid for continuous color.

Build eyeliner pigment by pressing rather than swiping for intense color payoff.

Dip brushes in makeup remover to erase any smudges or mistakes and start fresh.

Elevate Your Eye Makeup Game

The KINGMAS Eyeliner Brush Set equips you with the essential brushes for next level eye makeup artistry. Achieve magazine worthy eyes with these ultra-precise, easy to control tools.

Order your set today to take your eyeliner and eye makeup looks to daring new heights!


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