KINGMAS Eyelash Comb with Cover – Lash Separator and Mascara Applicator for Clump-Free, Defined Lashes



Achieve Stunningly Defined, Separated Lashes with the KINGMAS Eyelash Comb

Take your lashes to new lengths with the KINGMAS Eyelash Comb, the beauty secret for fanned out, clump-free lashes. The innovative, curved steel design allows you to seamlessly brush through lashes, separating and defining each one from root to tip.

The comb’s ergonomic shape fits perfectly around the contours of your eyes for easy, gentle combing. Both upper and lower lashes are sculpted to full, fluttery perfection.

Use this lash comb applicator before and after mascara to enhance your makeup routine. Or utilize it on its own for naturally defined lashes. The coveted comb comes protected in a hygienic cover for storage and travel. Pamper your peepers with the KINGMAS Eyelash Comb.

Curved Steel Seamlessly Separates Lashes

The unique curved shape of the KINGMAS Eyelash Comb allows you to gently brush upward to follow the natural growth pattern of your upper lashes. No need to twist your wrists. Comb downward over lower lashes with ease as well.

The comb fits snugly against your lashline, with teeth spaced perfectly to separate each lash from base to tip. Bristles glide smoothly along the delicate eye area without pulling or breaking lashes.

Stainless steel construction ensures the comb retains its shape and effectiveness wash after wash. Experience effortless, painless lash separation with this ergonomic tool.

Enhance Your Eye Makeup Routine

Use the KINGMAS Eyelash Comb before applying mascara to prep lashes and ensure every one is clump and knot-free. Starting from the base, brush upward to groom lashes and encourage them to stand separated.

After mascara application, use the comb to evenly distribute product and prevent spidery, clumpy buildup. The comb separates and defines each lash, maximizing the lengthening effects of your mascara.

You can also utilize the eyelash comb on clean lashes anytime. Grooming and separating lashes enhances their natural volume and fullness. Enjoy lush lashes without makeup.

Salon-Quality Lash Comb for Professional Results

The KINGMAS Eyelash Comb is crafted to the same quality standards as professional lash combs used in salons and studios. The durable stainless steel is built to retain its precision shape through regular use.

Pamper yourself to expert-level lash combing without leaving your home. Define and extend your natural lashes just like the pros do.

Hygienic Protective Cover for On-the-Go Use

The eyelash comb comes protected in a hygienic cap that covers the bristles when not in use. Snap the cover on to keep the comb clean in your makeup bag or while traveling. No need to worry about the bristles snagging on other items.

The cover also helps retain the comb’s quality and shape. Toss it in your purse for flawless eyelash touch-ups anytime, anywhere. Enjoy gorgeous lashes on the go.

Ergonomic Design Prevents eye Strain

The KINGMAS Eyelash Comb is thoughtfully designed to prevent wrist strain as you comb upward and downward along the lash line. No need to twist your hands into uncomfortable positions.

The comb’s clever curvature and compact size allow you to grip it similar to a pencil. Maneuver the comb with ease for comfortable, eye-safe combing. Focus on separating lashes rather than how your hands are positioned.

Highlights of the KINGMAS Eyelash Comb:

Curved shape fits snugly against the lash line
Teeth spacing flawlessly separates each lash
Stainless steel bristles glide smoothly along lash roots
Enhances natural lash volume and fullness
Prep lashes for clump-free mascara application
Ergonomic design prevents wrist strain
Protective cover for hygienic storage
Salon-quality tool for professional results
Travel-friendly for touch-ups on the go
Say Goodbye to Clumpy, Spider Lashes

Never struggle with clumped together, spidery lashes again thanks to the KINGMAS Eyelash Comb. Effortlessly groom, separate, and define each lash for a fanned out, eye-opening effect. Maximize the results of your mascara or rock naturally voluminous lashes on their own.

Experience the eye-opening, confidence-boosting effects of stunningly separated lashes with this salon secret. Your new favorite beauty tool awaits!


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