Kintion 2-in-1 LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror – Portable Pocket Mirror with 1X/3X Magnification for Makeup Application, Grooming and Touch-ups On-the-Go



Get picture-perfect makeup application anytime, anywhere with the Kintion 2-in-1 LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror. This portable mirror provides 1X and 3X magnification options to make makeup application, grooming, and touch-ups a breeze whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

The LED perimeter lighting guarantees you flawless face makeup by providing clear, natural daylight illumination. Just flip open the compact, turn on the lights, and enjoy getting gorgeous with complete convenience.

The slim, lightweight design tucks neatly into purses and bags for life-saving touch-ups. With crystal clarity and brilliant brightness, this is the ultimate travel companion for looking your best around the clock.

1X and 3X Magnification for All-Over and Precision Grooming

The innovative mirror design features a 1X magnification regular mirror that allows you to see your entire face for applying overall makeup.

Flip the mirror over to 3X magnification for ultra-close precision when applying eyeliner, filling brows, tweezing, checking pores, and other facial grooming. No detail is too fine.

Never waste makeup again trying to apply it blindly! This mirror provides the clarity needed for perfection.

True-to-Life LED Lighting

Makeup application is only as good as the lighting you use. The LED perimeter lighting provides full, natural illumination so colors appear exactly as they do in regular daylight.

A ring of bright LED lights fully surrounds the mirror to cast even, shadow-free lighting across your face. Apply, blend, and accentuate without missing a single flaw.

Ultra-Portable and Lightweight

The Kintion mirror is designed for portability with its slim, compact profile that folds down to just over half an inch thick. Toss it into your purse, backpack, luggage or car for makeup touch-ups whenever you need them.

Weighing just 5.6 ounces, you’ll barely notice it in your bag. But you’ll be so glad you brought it when you need to freshen up on the go. The plastic construction is also durable enough for everyday use.

Easy to Use and Gift

Using the mirror is simple with the hidden magnetic power switches along the edge. Just flip it open to turn on the lights automatically. Close it to turn them off. No fiddling with tiny buttons!

The sleek pink color and gold accents make this mirror a gorgeous gift for any woman. Surprise your mom, sister, girlfriend, or friend with this useful gift to enhance beauty routines.

Take your makeup application to the next level with perfect lighting and magnification! Kintion’s lighted mirror ensures you look your best anytime, anywhere.

Kintion Lighted Makeup Mirror Features:

1X and 3X magnification viewing
Bright perimeter LED lighting
Long-lasting battery (included)
Ultra slim, lightweight and portable
Hidden magnetic power switches
Durable plastic construction
Ideal gift for women and girls
Includes protective bag


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