KIPRITII Ergonomic Long Handle Back Scrubber – Double Sided Dry Brushing and Wet Exfoliating Shower Brush for Cleansing and Massage



Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with the KIPRITII Ergonomic Long Handle Back Scrubber, the 2-in-1 shower essential for exfoliating wet and dry brushing.

The innovative curved handle and dual-sided bristle surface allow you to comfortably cleanse hard-to-reach spots for glowing skin from head to toe. Gentle yet effective, it removes dead skin cells, boosts circulation, and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The contoured handle provides a secure, easy grip while the rubber detailing ensures control. High quality natural and nylon bristles invigorate both wet and dry brushing routines. Give your body a luxury spa treatment in the comfort of home!

Ergonomic Curved Handle for Hard-to-Reach Areas

The KIPRITII back scrubber features an extra long 17 inch handle with a curved ergonomic shape that follows the contours of your back. Easily reach all areas without straining your shoulders and arms.

The contoured grip fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to control the scrubber and apply firm pressure. No more fumbling or dropping brushes mid-shower! The thoughtful handle design makes cleansing your back and legs effortless.

Double-Sided Bristles for Customized Cleaning

One side of the KIPRITII scrubber features firm, stiff natural bristles perfect for dry brushing and massaging thick skin areas like knees, elbows, heels and feet.

The rounded tips provide a gentle friction that sweeps away dead cells, stimulates circulation, and improves skin texture. Use light, quick strokes toward the heart.

The reverse features softer nylon bristles ideal for sensitive zones like the stomach, neck, chest, and arms. Enjoy customized exfoliation.

Built to Last with Premium Materials

The KIPRITII scrubber handle is constructed from durable, water-resistant lotus wood polished to a smooth finish. It retains its integrity even with wet use so you can enjoy this shower essential for years. No cracking, chipping or splintering.

The bristles are tightly secured into the wood base with a reinforced anchor band to prevent shedding. This scrubber is made to provide luxury exfoliation and massage time and again.

Anti-Slip Gripping for Shower Safety

A large anti-slip rubber grip completely surrounds the handle to prevent slipping, even with wet, soapy hands. The soft rubber provides a comfortable, cushioned hold.

Enjoy secure handling as you cleanse hard-to-reach spots like the middle back without fear of dropping the scrubber. The hanging loop allows you to easily store and dry between uses.

Give your body a sense of renewal and rejuvenation with the KIPRITII Back Scrubber. Order yours today!

KIPRITII Back Scrubber Features:

➡️ 17 inch long curved ergonomic handle
➡️ Contoured grip with anti-slip rubber
➡️ Dual-sided bristles for wet and dry brushing
➡️ Firm natural bristles exfoliate rough skin
➡️ Soft nylon bristles for sensitive zones
➡️ Premium polished lotus wood handle
➡️ Hanging loop for storage
➡️ For cellulite reduction and massage


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