KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Bond & Seal – Get Runway-Worthy Lashes with This Nourishing Lash Adhesive System



Achieve salon-quality lash extensions from the comfort of home with the KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Bond & Seal. This innovative 2-part system includes a nourishing lash bond adhesive and sealing topcoat to keep false lash wisps in place all day long. Get full, fluttery lashes that look naturally beautiful and lasts.

Hybrid Lash Extension System

Falscara offers a revolutionary hybrid approach to false eyelash application. The ultra-fine wispy lash extensions adhere under your natural lashes with flexible microfibers, not bands. This creates a seamless blend and exceptionally natural look.

Each wisp mimics a single lush lash extension for subtle fullness and length. Build your look from natural and wispy to eye-opening glam by layering and customizing the 24 reusable wisps. Achieve lifted doll-like lashes without the salon time and expense.

Nourishing Two-Step Application

Getting a flawless at-home lash extension application is easy with the nourishing two-step Bond & Seal system. Start by applying the Bond adhesive side underneath natural lashes to prep them. This lash primer is infused with biotin and provitamin B5 to condition lashes during wear.

Next, gently press Falscara wisps onto the bond adhesive. Once in place, brush on the Seal topcoat side. This seals and smooths wisps while locking in extensions. The formula contains vitamin E to nourish lashes and prevent damage from frequent application and removal.

This adhesive kit allows wisps to stay put comfortably all day with no slipping or lifting. The flexible hold makes lashes feel weightless and natural on the eyes. Complete the look by blending with your own lashes using mascara. Remove adhesive residues easily with KISS’s Falscara remover.

DIY Salon-Worthy Lashes

Get expert-level lash extensions without the salon trip. The Falscara system provides everything you need for runaway-ready lashes easily in minutes.

Start with the beginner-friendly starter kit which includes the Bond & Seal tube, applicator wand, and remover solution along with 4 sample wisp sets. Or purchase the components separately to customize your lash wardrobe.

With proper application, wisps can be worn up to 3 times before replacing. With 24 in a pack, you can switch up your style daily! Go for a natural enhancement Monday through Wednesday. Amp it up with added drama on weekends. The options are endless!

Key Features:

  • Complete lash extension bonding system
  • Reusable hybrid wispy lash extensions
  • Flexible microfibers adhere under natural lashes
  • Nourishing vitamin-enriched 2-step application
  • Buildable volume and length
  • 24 wisps provide multiple wear options
  • Easy and gentle removal
  • Mimics salon lash extensions
  • Cruelty-free and reusable

How to Apply Falscara:

Ensure eyes are clean and makeup-free before application. Trim wisps to fit your eye width if needed.

Apply Bond adhesive side in a thin line just under the lash line on upper lid. Wait 30 seconds until tacky.

Using applicator wand, gently press wisp microfibers onto bond adhesive working from the outer to inner corner.

Apply Seal side on top to smooth wisps and seal bond. Wait 1 minute to set.

Finish with mascara to blend wisps and natural lashes together. Avoid oil-based makeup removers to prevent lifting.

Gently peel off wisps from the outer corner of eyes when ready to remove. Use remover to take off any leftover adhesive.

Elevate Your Lashes with KISS

Take your lashes to new lengths with KISS, the lash authority for over 40 years. Their wide range of quality eyelashes and lash products empower women to achieve any eye look imaginable.

KISS offers everything from natural daily lashes to bold crimped and faux mink lashes for head-turning glam. Their lash adhesives, tweezers, and applicators make application easy for flawless wear. Falscara provides a salon lash extension experience without the difficult application or expense.

Get red carpet ready lashes with just a few minutes of DIY application. KISS aims to make beauty accessible, fun and affordable. Transform plain lashes into an eye-catching focal point with Falscara extensions and KISS products. You’ll be batting long lush lashes in no time!


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