KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Lengthening Wisps – Get Runway-Worthy lashes with these Reusable Hybrid Lash Clusters



Enjoy lush, fluttery lashes without the salon trip using the KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Lengthening Wisps. These innovative lash clusters create a natural but eye-opening look that lasts all day. The reusable wisps mimic individual lash extensions, delivering length, fullness and lift instantly.

falscara Hybrid Lash System

Falscara offers a revolutionary new way to achieve fuller lashes. The wispy extensions adhere under your natural lashes with ultra-fine microfibers instead of bands. This makes them undetectable for a seamless blend and natural look.

Each feather-light wisp cluster replicates a single lash extension, providing subtle length and fullness. Stack and layer the 24 reusable wisps to customize your volume from day to night. Get lifted doll-like lashes without the expensive salon trips!

Flexible, Comfortable Wear

Falscara Lengthening Wisps feel weightless on your eyes for comfortable long-term wear. The ultra-fine microfibers flex with your natural lashes, preventing that stiff uncomfortable feel of strip falsies. The underside application also eliminates any eyelid irritation.

The wisps stay put from day to night with the use of the Falscara bonding adhesive and sealant topcoat. This nourishing system conditions your lashes while keeping extensions securely in place. No slipping, lifting or adjustments needed!

The reusable design allows each wisp to be worn up to 3 times with proper application. With 24 wisps per pack, you can experiment with different styles daily. Go from a sweet daytime look to bold glam evenings with just a few added clusters.

Flawless DIY Application

Get expert-level lash extensions without leaving your home. The Falscara kit provides all the tools you need for a foolproof application in minutes.

Start with the starter kit which includes bonding adhesive, sealant, applicator wand, remover, and 4 trial wisp sets for practice. Or purchase components separately to curate your own lash wardrobe.

Use the adhesive to prep your lash line, then gently press wisps onto the tacky base with the wand. Seal them in place with the topcoat and finish with mascara to blend. When ready to remove, gently peel off the wisps from the outer corner. Then use the remover to get rid of any leftover adhesive.

Key Features:

  • Innovative hybrid false lash clusters
  • Mimic individual lash extensions
  • Reusable and flexible microfiber lashes
  • Lightweight, comfortable all-day wear
  • Buildable volume and length
  • 24 wisps for multiple wear options
  • Nourishing 2-step adhesive/seal system
  • Easy and gentle removal
  • DIY salon-worthy lash extensions

How to Apply Falscara Wisps:

Ensure eyes are clean of makeup and oils before application. Trim wisps if needed.

Use Bond adhesive side underneath natural lashes, wait 30 seconds until tacky.

Press wisp microfibers onto bond glue working from outer to inner corner with wand.

Brush on Seal side on top to secure wisps and smooth. Wait 60 seconds to set.

Apply mascara to blend your natural lashes with the extensions.

To remove, gently peel wisps off starting from the outer corner. Use remover to erase leftover adhesive.

DIY Salon Lashes with KISS Products

Get runway-ready lashes in minutes without the difficult application or expense thanks to KISS. For over 40 years, KISS has been an industry leader in quality eyelashes and lash enhancement products.

KISS offers a full range of falsies from ultra-natural to bold and glamorous to suit any style. Their lash adhesives, applicators and removers make application easy and painless. Falscara provides salon-quality lash extensions without the hassle.

Achieve fluttery full lashes affordably and easily with KISS eyelash products. Whether you want barely-there length for daytime or head-turning drama at night, KISS has the lashes, tools and skills to make it happen. Enhance your eyes beautifully in just minutes!


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