KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Remover – Gently Remove False Lash Wisps & Adhesive with This Nourishing Rosewater Formula



Gently remove false eyelash extensions and residue with the KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Remover. This nourishing rosewater-based formula easily erases adhesive and detaches wispy lash extensions without tugging or irritation. Refresh eyes while lifting away makeup, oils and debris.

Nourishing Remover for Sensitive Eyes

The Falscara remover is specially designed to dissolve Falscara’s bonding adhesive formula for easy, painless removal. Simply saturate a cotton pad and sweep it along your lash line to loosen extensions. The wisps slide right off without pulling or damaging natural lashes.

This remover is gentle enough for even sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The formula contains soothing rosewater to condition lashes and hydrate the delicate eye area. Rich in antioxidants, rosewater helps reduce redness and inflammation from frequent lash removal.

Natural oils lift away mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow, while also breaking down the tacky adhesive residue. Refresh and nourish eyes without irritation each time you remove Falscara lash extensions.

For Flawless Lash Extension Removal

Get expertly removed lash extensions and clean eyes using the complete Falscara lash system. The remover works seamlessly with the bonding adhesive and wispy extensions for easy, pain-free removal.

Start by gently peeling wisps off from the outer corner of eyes where they adhere less strongly. Then saturate a cotton pad with remover and hold it over closed eyes for 10 seconds to let it penetrate. Gently wipe away, lifting off any remaining extension fibers and adhesive residue.

The remover ensures no glue or fibers are left behind on natural lashes to cause irritation or clumping when reapplying. Use it each time you remove extensions for a fresh start and clean canvas before your next application.

Key Features:

  • Gentle eye makeup and lash extension remover
  • Formulated for Falscara wisp removal
  • Infused with nourishing rosewater
  • Soothes and conditions eye area
  • Removes adhesive residue
  • Preps eyes for reapplication
  • Oil-based formula breaks down glue
  • Easy, painless removal
  • Dermatologist tested

How to Use:

Gently peel wisp extensions off, starting from the outer corner of eyes.

Shake bottle to mix formula. Saturate a cotton pad with remover.

Press pad over closed eye for 10 seconds to let remover penetrate.

Gently wipe across eyelid and lash line to remove any remaining wisp fibers and adhesive residue.

Repeat on other eye. Rinse with water and pat dry if needed.

Lashes are now clean and ready for your next application!

Achieve Expert Lashes with KISS

Get salon-fabulous lashes at home with KISS eyelash products. For over 40 years KISS has been an industry leader in quality lashes, adhesives and lash enhancers. The new Falscara line provides a revolutionary hybrid lash extension system for eye-opening length and volume.

The Falscara kit equips you with everything needed for flawless application, wear and removal. Their selection of wispy cluster lashes provide subtle enhancement to bold glam. Proprietary nourishing adhesive and gentle remover complete the system.

With KISS Falscara, you can achieve gorgeous lash extensions without the difficult application or high cost of salons. Simply add lush length and fullness to your natural lashes in minutes for eye-catching beauty!


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