KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Wisp Applicator – Get Expert Lash Placement with This Ergonomic Tool for Applying Wispy Extensions



Apply false eyelash extensions with precision using the KISS Falscara DIY Eyelash Extension Wisp Applicator. This ergonomically designed wand provides control and mistake-proof placement of wispy hybrid lash extensions under natural lashes for a flawless finish.

Precision Lash Extension Application

The unique curve of the Falscara applicator wand allows for accurate placement of lash wisps along the underside of your lash line. The tapered tip lets you manipulate wisps into place from end to end for seamless application.

The textured grip ensures control and stability while applying extensions. The slim ergonomic handle is easy to maneuver into the right position. Place Falscara’s reusable wisps effortlessly for your desired look, whether subtle and natural or bold and glamorous.

This high-quality applicator is designed to be used with Falscara hybrid lash extensions. The wisps adhere securely with the help of the applicator’s smooth finish. Create even, consistent placement for comfort and long lasting wear.

Flawless DIY Lash Extensions

Get expert-level application and salon-worthy results without leaving home using the complete Falscara lash extension system. The applicator wand works seamlessly with the wispy extensions, nourishing lash adhesive, and gentle remover.

Start by prepping your lash line with the Bond adhesive formula. Wait until tacky before picking up a wisp with the applicator. Gently press from end to end to adhere the microfibers underneath natural lashes.

Once in place, brush on the Seal topcoat to smooth and reinforce bonds for lasting wear. Finish by blending everything together with mascara. For removal, simply peel off the wisps then dissolve any leftover adhesive.

The applicator allows you to DIY stunning lash extensions easily. Customize your look daily by stacking and layering wisps with perfect placement.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic eyelash extension applicator
  • Designed for Falscara wisp placement
  • Tapered tip for precise application
  • Textured easy-grip handle
  • Allows flawless lash extension application
  • Smooth finish picks up wisps easily
  • Mimics professional lash stylist’s wand
  • Enables custom DIY lash extension looks

How to Use:

Ensure eyes are clean and free of makeup, oil, and debris before applying lash extensions.

Apply Bond adhesive to lash line and allow to dry until tacky, about 30 seconds.

Using the applicator, pick up a Falscara lash wisp by the base.

Place wisp underneath natural lashes, pressing gently from end to end to adhere in place.

Load applicator with Seal formula and sweep over wisps to seal bonds.

Repeat steps to customize and layer wisps as desired for your look.

Get Runway Worthy Lashes with KISS

Achieve salon-worthy lash extensions affordably at home with KISS. For over 40 years, KISS has been the brand for quality lashes, glue and lash enhancement products. Their new Falscara line offers an innovative hybrid eyelash extension system for eye-opening yet natural looking lashes.

The wispy lash clusters create flawless results with the help of the ergonomic application wand. Along with nourishing adhesive and gentle remover, you have everything needed for DIY lash extensions that look and feel fabulous.

Elevate your natural lashes with Kiss Falscara’s reusable wisps and professional tools. Get long, full lashes on your own time and budget!


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