Kiss Falscara Eyelash Overnighter – Keep Lush Lashes Locked In Place For Up To 10 Days With This Long-Lasting Adhesive



Achieve lash extension staying power for up to 10 days with the Kiss Falscara Eyelash Overnighter. This intense long-wear adhesive secures Falscara’s innovative hybrid eyelash wisps in place all day and night. Get durable, lifted lashes that look salon-fabulous.

All-Night, All-Day Lash Lock

The unique long-lasting Overnighter formula creates an ultra-strong flexible bond between Falscara’s wispy lash extensions and your natural lashes. It keeps extensions locked in place for up to 240 hours of comfortable wear.

The medical-grade adhesive dries clear and provides just the right amount of tackiness for a natural feel and seamless blend. Kiss Falscara lashes stay stuck on securely, even while swimming, working out, and sleeping. Get durable extended wear without having to reapply daily.

Lightweight Lash Extensions

Falscara’s innovative hybrid system uses tiny wisps that adhere underneath natural lashes, not above. This provides an extremely natural and comfortable feel. The microfiber lashes flex and move with your natural lashes instead of weighing them down.

Layer and customize the featherlight wisps to create any volume from subtle daytime enhancement to bold night-out glam. The reusable wisps mimic individual lash extensions for buildable length and fullness. With the Overnighter adhesive, you can wear ultra-light extensions for over a week of beautiful lashes!

Flawless Long Term Wear

Achieve expert-level lash extensions from home with Falscara’s complete system. The intense Overnighter glue provides the lasting power needed for durable, flawless wear.

Start by prepping lashes with the included Bond/Seal. Apply wisps with the handy applicator wand for precise placement. Lock them in with the Overnighter adhesive for extended stay. Gentle remover lifts extensions off when ready.

DIY salon-worthy lashes quickly and comfortably. The Overnighter allows you to wake up gorgeous every day with minimal reapplication needed.

Key Features:

  • Long-lasting hybrid lash extension glue
  • Secures wisps for 5-10 days of wear
  • Durable medical-grade adhesive
  • Dries clear for natural blend
  • Ultra-strong flexible bond
  • Allows extended wear of lightweight lashes
  • Use with Falscara wisps and system
  • Easy and gentle removal

Love Your Lashes with KISS

Take your lashes to new lengths with KISS. For over 40 years, KISS has been delivering innovative lash products for eye-catching beauty. Falscara provides a revolutionary hybrid lash extension system for gorgeous lashes minus the salon trip.

Wispy microfiber clusters create a natural lash extension look and feel. Proprietary adhesive formulas, including the long-lasting Overnighter, ensure durable wear. Complete the system with the handy applicator and remover for flawless results.

With KISS Falscara, achieve salon-worthy lashes effortlessly. Walk out the door everyday with beautiful wispy extensions that last!


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