KISS Lash Couture Faux Lash Extensions for Natural-Looking, Customizable Length and Volume



Get salon-worthy lashes at home with the KISS Lash Couture Faux Lash Extensions. This lash enhancing kit includes 60 clusters of individual lashes designed to mimic real extensions for gorgeous, natural-looking fullness. Each pre-made cluster features tapered synthetic fibers in varied short and medium lengths to customize your look.

KISS Exclusive Flat-Band Technology for Comfortable, Secure Wear

What makes the KISS Lash Couture clusters unique is the patent-pending flat band technology. Rather than a thick plastic band, these lashes have slim, flexible flat bands that follow the natural curve of your lash line. This creates a barely-there feel and seamless blend with your real lashes.

The flat band design prevents overlapping and clustering for even distribution. It allows each lash to adhere securely along the lash line without clumping or gaps. Enjoy comfortable, lightweight wear that looks and feels like your real lashes enhanced.

Customizable Lengths for Your Desired Fullness

Each set of KISS faux clusters includes 20 different lash lengths ranging from short to medium. With varied lengths within each pre-made lash fan, you can control the volume. Use the shorter clusters near the inner and outer corners for a natural look. Add medium clusters in the center of the lash line for eye-opening fullness.

With 60 clusters total, you can achieve personalized length, volume and curl. Customize for a subtle daytime enhancement or glam night-out lashes. It’s easier than individual lashes and faster than professional extensions. DIY the exact lash look you want.

Quick and Easy Application in Minutes

Thanks to the pre-made clusters, you can achieve flawless application at home without professional help. There’s no need to pick up and place tiny individual lashes. Just use the KISS lash adhesive to apply each cluster along the lash line as you desire.

Section your eyes into quarters, applying more or less clusters in each section to control fullness and taper the ends. The mixed lengths blend together beautifully for an ultra-natural lash extension effect. With the included applicator wand, even lash novices can achieve gorgeous results fast.

Long Lasting Wear Up to Two Weeks

Not only are KISS faux lash extensions easy to apply yourself, they create long lasting results. With proper application and care, the flat-band clusters can last up to 14 days of wear. You’ll wake up to salon-worthy lashes every day without needing to reapply.

When you’re ready for a fresh set, carefully remove with KISS Eyelash Glue Remover and peel off the used clusters. Save time and money on high-maintenance lash extensions. Get up to two weeks of wear from each self-application.

The Lash Brand You Know and Trust

For over 19 years, KISS has been the leader in quality, innovative lash beauty products. We continue to revolutionize lash enhancement with game-changing products like our Magnetic Lashes. Our commitment to empowering women drives us to create DIY-friendly lashes for affordable at-home looks.

From natural to dramatic, KISS offers false eyelashes, clusters and tools to make any lash dream a reality. Achieve salon-worthy lashes in a flash with the KISS Lash Couture Faux Extension Kit.

How to Apply KISS Faux Lash Cluster Extensions:

Get natural yet striking lashes in minutes with these easy steps:

Prep lashes – Curl your natural lashes and apply lash primer for strong hold.

Apply glue – Use lash glue to coat the flat band of a cluster. Wait 30 seconds before applying.

Adhere clusters – Working from the outer corner in, press and hold clusters along the upper lash line.

Customize look – Use more clusters toward the middle for fullness. Keep inner/outer corners lighter.

Check bond – Run the applicator wand along lashes to ensure all clusters are secured.

Wait 60 seconds for glue to fully dry.

Finish with mascara to blend real and faux lashes.

Get ready to bat those lashes with sensational KISS faux extensions in half the time and cost of salon visits.


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