KISS Lash Couture Triple Push Up 3D Volume False Lashes, Multi-Angle Design for Eye-Lifting Fullness



Get ready to take your lashes to new heights with the KISS Lash Couture Triple Push Up Collection. Inspired by the push-up bra, these innovative 3D falsies feature a triple-stacked design for intense volume, length and curl. The multi-angle lashes create round, eye-opening fullness and definition.

Proprietary Triple Stacked Design for Maximum Volume

What makes the Triple Push Up lashes so unique is the 3 layered lash strips fused together into one mega-volume band. Rather than a single lash strip, there are 3 stacked sections with varied lash angles to create bold multi-dimensional fullness.

The top layer features the longest crimped fibers to extend lashes outward. The middle layer has slightly shorter crisscrossed fibers to add rounded body. The bottom layer includes the shortest outward-flared lashes to lift and open the eyes.

Together these 3 layers of strategically designed lashes provide extreme length, intense volume and enhanced curl. Get ready for show-stopping 3D drama!

Multi-Angle Lashes Add Roundness & Definition

In addition to being stacked in layers, the individual lash strands are arranged at different angles to add curvature and contour. Shorter lashes at the inner and outer corners keep the ends natural. Longest lashes at the center add depth.

The mix of crisscrossed lash angles sculpts and defines eyes for a wide-eyed enhancing effect. Each area of the lash line is targeted with strategic volume. Say goodbye to flat falsies and hello to eye-popping dimension!

Lightweight and Easy to Apply

Despite the mega-volume appearance, these 3D lashes feel incredibly lightweight and flexible on the eyes. The ultra-fine tapered ends create comfortable wearable fullness. Three layers of fine lash strands prevent heaviness.

The sturdy, flexible lash band holds the triple-decker lashes in place without discomfort. Simply use KISS lash adhesive to apply the band just like a regular strip lash. Get ready to watch your lashes transform in minutes!

KISS Lashes – Leader in Quality & Innovation

For over 19 years, KISS has revolutionized lash enhancement products to empower women to achieve any lash look imaginably easily and affordably. We pride ourselves on being industry innovators and bringing groundbreaking new designs like magnetic lashes to life.

Our commitment to quality is unmatched. From natural to show-stopping styles, we have the falsies, clusters and tools to customize your look. Take your lashes to new heights with KISS Triple Push Up Lashes!

How to Apply KISS Triple Push Up Lashes:

Get salon-worthy volume in minutes with these easy steps:

Curl natural lashes first – Curler helps blend with falsies.

Trim lash band if too long – Customize length for your eye width.

Apply lash glue along the band – Wait 30 seconds before applying.

Press strip on lid starting at center – Apply as close to lash line as possible.

Press ends of strip to anchor corners.

Pinch natural and false lashes together.

Wait 60 seconds for glue to fully dry.

Finish with mascara to blend lashes.

Unleash the volume with KISS Triple Push Up 3D Lashes! Get ready for maximum lash impact.


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