KoluaWax Best Loved Hard Wax Beads – 1LB Full Body Hair Removal for Face, Bikini, Legs, Arms, Chest – Pearl Refill for Wax Warmers



Achieve smooth, hair-free skin from head to toe with the versatile KoluaWax Best Loved Hard Wax Beads. This fan-favorite full body formula provides easy, mess-free waxing for the face, bikini area, underarms, arms, legs and body.

The extra-large 1 lb bag contains our signature pink wax beads infused with soothing dragon fruit and hibiscus. Just scoop some beads into your wax warmer and apply the melted wax directly onto hair for salon-quality results at home.

No more waxing strips required! The easy peel formulation adheres to hair without sticking to skin for painless removal you control.

All-In-One Formula for Total Body Waxing

What makes our Best Loved beads so popular is their ability to effectively and gently remove hair from ALL areas of the face and body.

The versatile formula is strong enough for coarse hair on legs, arms and bikini region yet gentle enough for delicate face and underarm waxing. No need to stock multiple waxes when one does it all!

Infused with skin-nourishing dragon fruit extract and calming hibiscus, the beads moisturize while lifting hair straight from follicles for long-lasting smoothness. Even fine peach fuzz and stubborn coarse hair is no match for this hard wax.

Painless Waxing for Sensitive Areas

Thanks to the gentle formulation, Best Loved beads can be used on even the most sensitive regions like the bikini area, face and underarms.

The low-temperature melting beads create a flexible wax that doesn’t adhere to live skin. Apply a thin layer in the direction of hair growth, allow to briefly dry then pull off swiftly in the opposite direction for virtually pain-free waxing.

The special shrink-wrap technology encapsulates hair for easy, gentle removal without tugging or irritation. No more red bumps and ingrown hairs!

DIY Eyebrow, Upper Lip and Chin Waxing

Shaping and maintaining your brows, upper lip and chin area is a breeze with the Best Loved beads.

The fine consistency allows for precision application when waxing smaller facial areas. Using the included mini sticks, apply a light layer, allow to set, then flick off gently for expert brow and lip waxing.

The nourishing formula removes vellus and stray hairs while softening skin so you can groom your face flawlessly at home.

Long Lasting Results for Weeks

While shaving and plucking only removes hair from the surface, waxing pulls it directly from the follicle for longer lasting smoothness.

The Best Loved beads provide up to 6 weeks of stubble-free results. As hair regeneration slows with consistent waxing, you’ll soon enjoy months between treatments!

Wax on your schedule for always smooth, hair-free skin whenever you want it. The Large 1 lb bag provides enough beads for 40+ waxes, saving you money and trips to the salon.

Join the KoluaWax Best Loved Fan Club

Take it from hundreds of happy reviewers, our Best Loved beads make at-home waxing easy and painless for head to toe hair removal. The versatile formula allows you to throw out all your specialty waxes and get salon-worthy smoothness with just one jar.

Pamper yourself on your own schedule with easy, mess-free waxing. Get the KoluaWax Best Loved Beads fan favorite today!


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