KoluaWax Coarse Hair Hard Waxing Kit – Large 1lb Refill Beads for Bikini, Brazilians, Chest, Arms, Underarms – Pearl Waxing Beans for Warmers



Tired of messy wax strips and expensive salon hair removal? Get salon-quality smoothness and save time and money with the KoluaWax Coarse Hair Hard Waxing Kit. This extra-strength waxing kit contains 1 lb of hard wax beads specially formulated to remove coarse, stubborn body hair for lasting smoothness.

The easy-to-use beads simply melt in compatible wax warmers or pots to create a stripless wax that adheres directly to hair for mess-free waxing. No more fussy wax strips required! The beads are super convenient for fast, easy full body waxing at home so you can ditch painful razors and pricey salon visits.

Strong Holding Formula Tackles Coarse, Stubborn Hair

What makes the KoluaWax hard waxing kit so effective is the unique coarse hair formula. The low-temperature beads have been specially engineered to bind to coarse, thick hair that is resistant to other waxes.

The extra-strength formula deeply adheres to stubborn growth found in the bikini area, arms, underarms, chest, back, stomach and legs for complete hair removal the first time. No more going over the same spot again and again! Even thick, wiry hair doesn’t stand a chance against this heavy-duty wax.

The beads also dry to create a flexible wax that is easy to peel off in one smooth motion without breaking. You’ll be left with ultra-smooth skin that stays stubble and ingrown-free for weeks.

DIY Brazilian Waxing Has Never Been Easier

If you’re looking for an at-home Brazilian wax solution, the coarse hair beads are just what you need for tackling bikini hair. Strong enough for sensitive areas yet gentle on skin, the low-temperature beads allow for painless Brazilian waxing minus the salon premium.

The pearl-shaped beads melt into a thick wax that encapsulates the entire hair follicle as you apply in the direction of growth. Just allow to cool and harden for a few minutes then peel off swiftly in the opposite direction.

The specially engineered wax shrink-wraps hair for quick, easy removal without sticky remnants or irritation. Enjoy weeks of smooth, stubble-free skin with each use!

Perfect For Full Body Waxing

In addition to sensitive regions, the hard wax beads can also be used all over the body. Melt just the amount you need for small or large areas to customize your waxing session.

Quickly wax arms, underarms, back, stomach, chest, thighs and legs for touchably soft, hair-free skin from head to toe. The beads contain skin-conditioning ingredients like chamomile extract, aloe vera and vitamin E for soothing hair removal each time.

Thanks to the coarse hair formula, you can confidently use on any area with thick, stubborn growth for salon-worthy results at home.

How to Use Hard Wax Beads

Scoop desired amount of beads into a compatible wax warmer or melting pot.

Allow wax to completely melt then test temperature. It should be just warm to the touch – not hot.

Using a popsicle stick, apply a thin layer of melted wax in the direction of hair growth.

Press skin taut and allow wax to semi-harden, about 30 seconds.

Holding skin taught, flick wrist to pull wax off swiftly in the opposite direction of growth.

Apply post-wax lotion or oil to soothe skin.

Reheat and reuse any leftover melted wax. Clean pot and sticks with soap and water between uses.

Experience Professional Results from Home

Salons often charge upwards of $40 for a single Brazilian or bikini wax session. With the KoluaWax coarse hair beads, you can achieve the same long-lasting results from the comfort of home for a fraction of the cost.

The 1 lb bag contains enough wax for 40+ waxes, saving you hundreds compared to professional waxing. Simply re-melt the beads as needed for whenever you want smooth, hair-free skin on demand.

Ditch the razor bumps, wax strips and salon premiums. Upgrade to easy, salon-quality hair removal with the KoluaWax Coarse Hair Hard Waxing Kit today!


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