KoluaWax Premium At-Home Waxing Kit – Digital Warmer, Hard Wax Beads, Oils, Applicators for Face, Bikini, Body Hair Removal



Treat yourself to professional-quality hair removal from the comfort of home with the KoluaWax Premium At-Home Waxing Kit. This indulgent set provides everything you need to achieve smooth, stubble-free skin through easy waxing.

The premium kit includes a sleek digital wax warmer, 4 hard wax beads formulas, pre and post-waxing oils, applicator sticks and a detailed guide so you can perform salon-worthy waxing on the face, bikini area and body.

No more nicks, bumps or irritation from shaving and plucking. The easy-to-use hard wax beads provide touchably soft results that last for weeks when you want to bare your skin. Plus the mess-free application and soothing oils make at-home waxing a truly pampering, spa-like experience.

Advanced Digital Wax Warmer for Precise Control

At the core of this all-in-one waxing kit is an advanced digital wax warmer that heats your hard wax beads to the ideal temperature for safe, comfortable application.

The innovative warmer features a digital LCD display that allows you to select your desired temperature from 120°F to 140°F in increments of 5 degrees. This level of precision gives you total control over the wax so you never have to worry about overheating or uncomfortable wax.

The sleek, user-friendly design also includes autoshutdown for safety when not in use. The included silicone wax melting pot is resistant to sticking and simple to clean.

Hard Wax Beads For All Body Areas

This deluxe kit comes loaded with 4 formulations of hard wax beads to tackle hair removal all over the face and body.

The pink rose beads are ideal for delicate facial waxing of brows, upper lip and chin. Green tea beads soothe while effectively removing bikini and underarm hair. Blue chamomile beads work best on the sensitive bikini region. And lavender beads handle coarser hair on arms, legs and body.

Simply scoop some beads into the warmer, wait for the wax to melt and apply using the included sticks. Then let it dry and peel off for easy, mess-free waxing at home!

Reduces Waxing Pain and Irritation

Waxing larger areas of the body can often be painful and lead to irritation if not done properly. That’s why this kit includes pre and post-waxing oils specially formulated to minimize discomfort.

Apply the pre-wax oil before hair removal to soothe skin and prep follicles for easy release. The post-wax oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like lavender, tea tree and chamomile to prevent redness and bumps after waxing.

The oils enhance your at-home waxing ritual for a truly soothing, spa-like experience!

Professional Applicators and Step-By-Step Guide

To help you achieve perfect results, the KoluaWax kit also provides everything you need for flawless application. Use the smaller stick for precision waxing of smaller areas like the brows. And the larger applicator is ideal for covering legs and larger zones.

An instructional booklet talks you through prepping your skin, melting the beads into wax, applying and after care. Follow the simple guidance for expert hair removal each time.

Pamper Yourself with Easy At-Home Waxing

Now you can indulge in professional waxing results without the premium price tag. This all-inclusive kit brings the spa to you so you can enjoy weeks of smooth skin through quick, easy home waxing.

Pamper yourself at a fraction of the cost of salons. Create your own blissful waxing ritual with the KoluaWax Premium At-Home Waxing Kit.


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