KOTAMU At-Home Hard Wax Kit for Hair Removal – Digital Warmer, 4 Formula Beads, Face, Bikini, Body



Say goodbye to unwanted body hair with the KOTAMU At-Home Hard Wax Hair Removal Kit. This all-inclusive kit provides salon-quality waxing results from the comfort of home.

The premium kit includes a digitally controlled wax warmer, 4 hard wax formulas for face, bikini and body, applicators and detailed instructions. Achieve smooth, stubble-free skin that lasts for weeks with easy applied beads that lift hair directly from follicles.

No more painful strips or expensive salon trips. This convenient waxing kit provides customizable hair removal for sensitive areas like the bikini region plus larger areas like arms, legs, back and chest. Reveal your beautifully bare skin with easy at-home hard waxing.

Digitally Controlled Professional Warmer

At the core of this at-home waxing kit is the digitally controlled wax warmer that heats beads to the ideal temperature range of 120°F to 140°F. The innovative warmer features an LCD display and control knob that allows you to select your desired wax temperature in increments of 5 degrees.

This level of precision gives you total control over the wax so you never have to worry about overheating or uncomfortable wax. Enjoy pro-quality results with the perfect customizable temperature.

Hard Wax Beads For All Body Areas

This deluxe kit comes loaded with 4 hard wax bead formulas to tackle hair removal all over the face and body.

Lavender beads work best for coarse hair on legs, arms, underarms and bikini. Green tea beads are ideal for finer hair on the face and bikini region. Pink rose beads gently remove facial hair on brows, upper lips and chin. Blue chamomile beads soothe while waxing extra sensitive areas.

Simply scoop beads into the warmer, apply using sticks and peel off gently when semi-hardened. The easy no-strip formula pulls hair directly from follicles for long-lasting smooth skin.

Gentle Formulas for Sensitive Skin

Harsh wax can cause irritation, redness and ingrown hairs, especially on delicate areas. That’s why KOTAMU uses luxurious botanical ingredients like chamomile, green tea and lavender to soothe skin and encapsulate hair for painless removal.

The low-temperature beads create a flexible wax that doesn’t adhere to live skin when applied in thin layers. Let the wax semi-harden on hair then pull off swiftly in the opposite direction of growth. This shrink-wrap action eases hair out painlessly.

Enjoy salon-smooth results without redness or bumps. Ideal for sensitive skin prone to waxing irritation.

Lasting Results for Weeks

While shaving only removes surface hair, waxing pulls it from the follicle for longer lasting smoothness. This professional hard wax kit provides up to 6 weeks of stubble-free results.

As hair growth slows with consistent waxing, you’ll soon enjoy months between treatments! Quickly wax body and face hair on your schedule for always silky smooth skin.

Easy Application in 3 Steps

Scoop desired amount of beads into the digital warmer and wait 2-3 minutes for wax to melt.

Test temperature then apply a thin layer of melted wax in direction of hair growth using applicator stick.

Let harden 30 seconds then flick wrist to pull wax off swiftly against growth.

Get Salon Results at Home!

Now you can enjoy weeks of silky, stubble-free skin without the salon premium. The KOTAMU At-Home Hard Wax Hair Removal Kit brings professional waxing results home for total body hair removal.


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