KSYOO Wispy Cat Eye False Lashes – Handmade Natural Looking Long Lashes – Reusable Clear Band – 10-18mm Everyday Glam Lashes



Enhance your eyes beautifully with the KSYOO Wispy Cat Eye False Lashes. This collection of natural-looking falsies is designed to add stunning length and volume for an elegant, eye-catching look day or night.

Each wispy lash strip is meticulously handcrafted for featherlight comfort and seamless wear. The ultra-fine synthetic fibers are arranged in a unique crisscross pattern to emulate the look of real eyelash extensions.

The clear flexible band allows these falsies to blend in flawlessly along your natural lash line. It provides a barely-there feel you’ll forget you’re even wearing lashes!

This multipack includes 5 pairs of our most popular cat eye strip lashes for versatile, natural glam:

Subtle Length Lashes – 10mm lashes add a hint of elegant length for everyday wear.

Natural Looking Lashes – 12mm lashes boost volume for understated glam.

Wispy Long Lashes – 14mm lashes create doe-eyed flutter for day or night.

Glam Length Lashes – 16mm lashes provide dazzling length for head-turning drama.

Ultra Long Lashes – 18mm lashes maximize length for show-stopping glamour.

With lengths ranging from 10mm to 18mm, you can customize your look from delicate daytime polish to bombshell evening glam. Mix and match pairs for more dimension.

Our unique handmade designs ensure the strands gracefully follow your natural lash shape. This creates a smooth, even elongation free of any clumping or rigidness.

The ultra-lightweight materials offer cloud-like comfort so you can wear these lashes for hours without feeling any heaviness or irritation. Forget you have falsies on at all!

Get the most wear out of your new lashes by following our lash care tips:

Gently remove glue after each wear to avoid tearing delicate strands.

Store in included case away from moisture, heat and sunlight.

Clean residue gently with micellar water and soft brush if needed.

Apply glue only to lash band to avoid getting fibers stuck.

Handle with care and avoid excessive pulling or pressure.

With proper care, our high-quality falsies can be worn up to 20 times! You’ll get great value for money on luxe eyelashes that elevate your glam.

Flaunt captivating bedroom eyes any day with these wispy cat eye lashes. The crisp crimped fibers create featherlight volume for hypnotizing flutter.

Slip into these barely-there soft fibers when you want to frame your eyes subtly and naturally. Their lightweight comfort lets you flaunt length all day or night long.

Enjoy the flexibility to customize your look. Amp it up with the 18mm ultra glam lashes or keep it delicate with the 10mm strip for everyday polish.

Never waste money on lash extensions again! Our reusable handmade falsies deliver the same wispy, natural elongation at a fraction of the cost and upkeep.

Give your lashes a break from mascara overload. Add lush length and volume simply by applying our ready-to-wear flexible lash strips. Couldn’t be easier!

KSYOO Wispy Cat Eye Lashes are perfect for:

Date Nights
Special Events
Bridal Showers
Photo Shoots
Everyday Wear
Treat yourself to the gift of wide-eyed wonder! Our collection of natural-looking falsies makes fluttering luxury lashes easy and affordable.


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