L. Organic Cotton Topsheet Maxi Overnight Pads – 56 Count Total, 2 Packs of 28 – Chlorine-Free Pads with Easy Open Tabs



Experience ultra comfort on your heaviest days with L. Organic Cotton Topsheet Overnight Maxi Pads. These extra long pads feature an organic cotton topsheet for unbeatable softness and breathability down there.

Each maxi pad has a 100% organic cotton surface that feels luxuriously soft and smooth against your skin. Organic cotton is grown sustainably without toxic pesticides, bleaches or dyes.

The cotton topsheet allows maximum airflow to keep you feeling dry and comfortable overnight or during heavy flows. The breathable surface helps prevent irritation, rashes and discomfort.

Underneath the soft organic cotton layer is a super absorbent core that locks in moisture. The maxi pad measures a generous 10 inches long to provide extra protection when you need it most.

An impermeable backsheet prevents leaks so you can sleep soundly. Flexible wings wrap around underwear to keep the pad securely in place.

L. Organic Cotton Maxi Pads come in a convenient multi-pack of 56 pads total. Each pack contains 28 individually wrapped extra long overnight pads with easy open peel tabs.

Reasons to Love L. Organic Cotton Overnight Pads:

100% Organic Cotton Topsheet – Unbeatably soft and breathable
Chlorine-Free – Not bleached or chemically treated
Super Absorbent Core – Locks in moisture to prevent leaks
10 Inches Long – Extra protection on heavy days
Flexible Wings – Keep pad securely in place
2 Packs of 28 Pads – 56 total pads for value
Individually Wrapped – With easy open peel tabs
Eco-Friendly Materials – Sustainably grown cotton
Free of Dyes, Perfumes – Ideal for sensitive skin
Provides Comfort Night & Day – On heaviest flows
Pamper your skin in sustainable comfort with L. organic cotton maxi pads. The breathable organic surface keeps you feeling dry and comfortable even on your heaviest days.

Sleep soundly without worries of leaks or uncomfortable chafing. The long 10 inch pad and secure wings prevent any accidents overnight.

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to settle for irritation or rashes. The chlorine-free organic cotton topsheet is free of dyes, fragrances and other chemicals.

Stock up on overnight comfort and protection with this value pack of 56 pads! Convenient individually wrapped pads make storage and disposal easy.

By choosing organic cotton feminine hygiene products, you support sustainable agriculture that is better for ecosystems and farm workers.

Experience the ultra soft, breathable comfort of organic cotton topsheet pads from L. Protect your skin and the planet!

L. Organic Cotton Overnight Maxi Pads are perfect for:

Heavy flows
Overnight protection
Sensitive skin
Premenstrual and menstrual cycles
Postpartum recovery
Everyday pad use
Treat yourself to soft, breathable comfort with sustainable L. Organic Cotton Maxi Pads.


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