LANBENA Pore Cleansing Blackhead Remover Strips – Say Goodbye to Blackheads and Excess Oil!



Tired of constantly battling blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores? Want smooth, clear skin without spending a fortune at the spa? Introducing the LANBENA Pore Cleansing Blackhead Remover Strips, the easy and affordable way to deeply cleanse your pores and reveal a fresh, radiant complexion.

Maximum Strength Pore Purifying Action

Formulated with activated bamboo charcoal, these pre-cut nose strips provide serious absorption power to draw out even the most stubborn blackheads, leaving pores clean and free of impurities. The charcoal is finely milled to effectively penetrate deep into pores to extract dirt, oil, and debris that washing alone can’t reach.

For All Skin Types

Whether you have oily, combination, normal or sensitive skin, these blackhead remover strips are suitable for use on the faces of both men and women. They are crafted with botanicals and gentle adhesives that work with all skin types, including acne-prone complexions.

Use on Nose, Forehead or Chin

Apply these pore cleanser strips to the oiliest areas of your face, including the nose, forehead, chin and cheeks, to target clogged pores where blackheads and blemishes form. The thin strips conform to all facial contours for precision pore cleansing exactly where you need it most.

How to Use for Best Results

For optimal blackhead removal, open pores first by steaming your face or using a warm towel prior to applying the strips. Once pores are ready, gently press a strip onto target areas and smooth to secure. Let dry completely then peel off. Rinse residue with water and apply a pore minimizer afterward to tighten pores up. Tip: For colder climates, warm the package in warm water before opening to keep strips pliable.

The LANBENA Difference

What makes our blackhead removal strips stand out from the rest?

Maximum Strength Formula – Our activated bamboo charcoal strips offer superior absorption capacity to draw out even deeply embedded impurities from pores.

Painless Peel – Specially designed non-woven fabrics allow for easy, pain-free removal without redness or irritation.

For All Skin Types – Crafted with botanicals and gentle adhesives to suit all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone complexions.

Precision Cleansing – Ultra thin strips allow for precise application and removal over small or curved areas like the nose, chin and cheeks.

Cruelty-Free Formula – Our products are never tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients.

Real Reviews

See what actual customers are saying about their experience using our blackhead remover pore strips:

“These strips worked like magic! After one use my pores looked cleaner and smaller. I was amazed at how many blackheads came out – gross but satisfying!” ~ Amanda S.

“I have oily, acne-prone skin and no strip has worked well for me until this one. No redness or irritation at all. My nose looks so much clearer and refined.” ~ Brian T.

“Easy to use and really cleaned out my pores. My makeup goes on smoother now without pores peeking through. I use them weekly to prevent blackheads from returning.” ~ Lauren G.

Love Your Skin Again

Reveal your best skin possible with the LANBENA Pore Cleansing Blackhead Remover Strips. Stock up today and incorporate into your weekly skincare routine for clean, clear pores and a refreshed, radiant complexion.


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