LASHVIEW 2-in-1 Cluster Lash Bond and Seal Adhesive



Achieve comfortable, long-lasting eyelash extensions at home with LASHVIEW 2-in-1 Cluster Lash Bond and Seal. This innovative dual-sided lash adhesive provides strong hold and easy removal for DIY lash application.

The Bond side features a precision mascara wand for easy, even application along your natural lash line. It creates a strong base bond to secure individual lashes and extensions.

The Seal side seals your falsies in place with a locking top coat and removes any glue residue for clean application. The latex-free, non-irritating formula is suitable for sensitive eyes.

With its versatile 2-in-1 design, the user-friendly LASHVIEW Lash Bond and Seal simplifies the DIY lash extension process. Get bold, beautiful lashes that last comfortably all day long with this innovative lash glue duo.


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