LASHVIEW DIY Eyelash Extension Kit, 56D Cluster Lashes



Get salon-worthy lashes at home with the LASHVIEW DIY Eyelash Extension Kit. This all-in-one kit contains everything you need to achieve stunning eyelash extensions in the comfort of your home.

The kit includes 168 high-quality 56D cluster lash extensions made with soft, lightweight fibers that look and feel natural. Choose from various curl types, lengths from 9-16mm, and thicknesses of 0.07mm or 0.10mm to create customized eyelash styles from subtle to dramatic.

It also comes with the essential Lash Bond & Seal adhesive in one convenient 2-in-1 formula for strong, long-lasting hold and easy, residue-free removal. An applicator and remover ensure effortless, salon-quality application and clean removal.

With this professional-grade DIY lash extension kit, you can achieve salon-worthy lashes at a fraction of the cost and time. Get red carpet ready eyes without leaving your home using the high-quality materials and easy-to-use tools in this all-in-one kit from LASHVIEW.


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