LASHVIEW Diy Lash Extension Kit, Get Salon-Worthy Lashes from the Comfort of Your Home



Tired of lackluster lashes? Want to achieve a glamorous, eye-catching look without the hassle and expense of frequent salon visits? Look no further than the LASHVIEW Diy Lash Extension Kit! This all-in-one kit contains everything you need to easily apply lush, beautiful false eyelash extensions right at home.

The Most Convenient and Cost-Effective Way to Long, Full Lashes

LASHVIEW’s diy lash extension kit offers a convenient, affordable alternative to salon lash extensions. This kit contains 20 roots of lightweight, reusable cluster lashes made with premium synthetic fibers to deliver a natural yet dramatic look. Each lash strip contains between 8-14 soft, flexible lashes to make application quick and easy.

Simply use the included latex-free, non-irritating eyelash glue to adhere the lash strips along your natural lash line. No need for multiple tedious individual lash placements! The clusters create the look of individual extensions in a fraction of the time.

At just a fraction of the cost of professional extensions, this DIY kit allows you to achieve the same glamorous lashes over and over. With proper care, the lash strips can be worn up to 10 times, saving you money in the long run. No more wasting time and money on appointments and touch-ups!

Salon-Quality Lashes in 3 Simple Steps

Get professional-looking lashes with just a few easy steps:

Step 1) Use the latex-free eyelash glue included in the kit to apply a thin layer of adhesive along your natural lash line. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky.

Step 2) Using the precision tweezers, gently place the lash clusters as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible. Press down lightly to adhere.

Step 3) Once the strips are in place, hold for 30 seconds so the glue bonds securely. Then go flaunt your new bombshell lashes!

The clusters seamlessly blend with your real lashes for a natural extension effect. With the right placement and care, the strips can last over a week before reapplication.

Gorgeous Yet Gentle on Eyes

LASHVIEW’s eyelash extensions are made from premium synthetic fibers to balance beauty, comfort and durability. The ultra-soft Siberian mink-effect hairs have a natural looking thickness and texture. Flexible, lightweight lash strips mold to all eye shapes for hassle-free application.

The hypoallergenic glue has a low-sensitivity formula that provides strong hold without stinging or irritating eyes. It goes on white but dries clear and is free of damaging latex and chemicals. The adhesive is waterproof and sweat-proof, allowing you to wear the lashes all day with confidence.

The simple, mess-free application process is ideal for beginners. Avoid salon horror stories of ripped out lashes and irritating chemicals. LASHVIEW empowers you to achieve salon-worthy lashes on your own terms!

Everything You Need for Repeated Use

This all-inclusive kit ensures you have all the tools on hand for flawless DIY lash extensions:

20 reusable handmade lash clusters with 8-14 lashes each
Precision tweezers for easy pick up and placement
5mL tube of latex-free eyelash extension glue
The box provides storage to keep unused strips protected between applications. With proper maintenance, the lash clusters can be worn up to 10 times. This means you can achieve months of full lash looks with this single kit!

Compact and portable, this kit has everything you need whether at home, traveling or getting ready on the go. The time and money savings make lash extensions achievable anytime.

Experience the Confidence of Gorgeous Lashes

Beautiful, eye-catching lashes instantly elevate your look for any occasion. Turn heads with lush, dramatic lashes that make your eyes pop. The compliments will come rolling in!

No more wasting time and money on high-maintenance salon trips. Take your beauty routine into your own hands and unleash the bombshell within. With LASHVIEW’s DIY lash extension kit, you have the tools to achieve striking lashes in minutes.

Experience the transformative power of full, fluttery lashes without leaving home. Let your eyes mesmerize and spark confidence wherever you go. Click “Add to Cart” now to begin amplifying your natural beauty!


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