LASHVIEW Eyelash Extension Remover Cream – Safe, Gentle, and Effective for Salon Use



Give your clients the gift of easy, painless eyelash extension removal with the LASHVIEW Eyelash Extension Remover Cream. As a professional lash stylist, you know how important it is to remove extensions properly without causing damage or irritation. Our remover cream is specially formulated to dissolve eyelash extension glue quickly and gently, leaving your clients happy and their natural lashes healthy.

Gentle on Sensitive Eyes and Skin

The LASHVIEW Remover Cream contains no harsh chemicals or irritants that could cause stinging, burning, or redness. The formula includes soothing aloe vera juice to calm and hydrate the delicate eye area. We leave out artificial fragrances and dyes that could trigger allergic reactions. As an eyelash extension stylist, you can feel confident using our remover cream even on clients with sensitive skin. The cream dissolves glue residue without tugging or pulling.

Light, Pleasant Aloe Scent

Most remover creams and gels have a strong chemical odor that can be unpleasant for both stylist and client. Our formula features a light, fresh aloe vera scent that is much more enjoyable to work with. The aloe calms and balances the skin while dissolving glue residue. We add no artificial perfumes or fragrances that could irritate eyes or trigger nausea.

Safe and Easy to Control

The LASHVIEW Remover Cream maintains a thick, gel-like consistency that lets you apply it precisely and avoid drips. The cream stays where you apply it on the eyelid without running into eyes. You can remove exactly as many extensions as needed without compromising any remaining lashes. The formula rinses clean without an oily residue. Your clients will appreciate how quickly and comfortably you can remove their extensions.

Salon-Tested and Approved

The LASHVIEW Remover Cream was designed specially for professional eyelash extension application and removal. Our formula meets professional salon quality standards including MSDS, KC certification, and SGS testing. We developed this product to meet the highest standards for safety and effectiveness. The remover cream should only be used by trained eyelash extension stylists, not for self-application.

How to Use

Cleanse eyes and eyelashes thoroughly to remove oil, makeup, and debris
Apply a small amount of LASHVIEW Remover Cream along the base of the eyelash extensions using a cotton swab or brush
Wait 30 to 60 seconds for the cream to dissolve the eyelash extension glue
Gently slide a cotton swab along the lash line to remove extensions
Avoid pulling hard as this can damage natural lashes
Repeat process until all extensions are removed
Rinse eyes and lashes well with cool water to remove any remaining cream
Apply a soothing, moisturizing eye product to complete the removal process

Remove Extensions Properly

Removing eyelash extensions properly is crucial for your clients’ lash health. Avoid simply pulling off extensions as this can rip out natural lashes and damage follicles. Our remover cream dissolves the bond between the extension and natural lash so extensions can be removed gently. Proper removal also prevents clients from losing too many natural lashes at once when the extensions shed. This allows new lash growth to replace shed lashes gradually.

Maintain Healthy Natural Lashes

The LASHVIEW Eyelash Extension Remover Cream helps your clients maintain the thickness and fullness of their natural lashes after extension removal. Our formula is designed to dissolve glue without irritating the delicate eye area. This allows you to remove extensions one-by-one while leaving healthy natural lashes intact. Your clients will appreciate you taking the time to remove their extensions properly with our cream. They’ll leave your salon with their natural beauty restored.

Rely on a Trusted Brand

LASHVIEW products are designed to meet the needs of professional lash stylists like yourself. Our remover cream formula makes extension removal easy and painless for your clients. We use only high quality ingredients and conduct rigorous testing to create products you can trust. Remove eyelash extensions with confidence by choosing the LASHVIEW Remover Cream.

Safely Dissolve Extension Glue Residue

Don’t forcefully pull off your clients’ eyelash extensions. Allow the LASHVIEW Remover Cream to first dissolve the bond gently and easily. Our formula cleans away leftover adhesive without leaving an oily film or residue. Completely removing glue helps prevent irritation and allows new lash growth. Rely on the LASHVIEW Eyelash Extension Remover Cream for safe, effective, professional extension removal.


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