LASHVIEW Lash Practice Training Head for Eyelash Extensions and Makeup – Soft Silicone Rubber Mannequin with Realistic Skin for Salon Technicians and Beauty Students



Tired of practicing your makeup artistry and eyelash extension techniques on real people? Ready to step up your skills without the stress? Introducing the LASHVIEW Lash Practice Training Head, the game-changing beauty mannequin that provides a hyper-realistic face for honing your craft.

Crafted from premium soft-touch silicone, this innovative dummy head mimics the texture and feel of real facial skin – smooth, supple, and easy to clean. The durable rubber material withstands vigorous handling yet provides a realistic sensorial experience similar to servicing an actual client.

With its specially contoured design, the LASHVIEW head gives you a robust platform to rehearse lash application, facial massage, makeup, and general esthetician work. The molded eyes are deep-set with prominent lashes, allowing you to practice classic eyelash extensions like volume lashes, hybrid sets, and megavolume fans.

Additional product highlights include:

Multipurpose Usage for Various Beauty Techniques

Eyelash extensions
Strip lash application
Makeup application
Facial massage
Face painting
Skin treatments

Soft Silicone Material That Mimics Real Skin

Smooth, supple texture
Durable yet soft to the touch
Easy to clean and reuse
Hyper-realistic skin simulation

Specially Contoured Eyes for Eyelash Extension Practice

Deep set eyes with defined lashes
Lids to practice isolation techniques
Ideal for volume, hybrid, and megavolume sets

Stable Base That’s Compatible With Most Holders

Flat back can adhere to tabletops
Hole in back attaches to stands
Use with your choice of holder

Ideal for Salons, Spas, Schools, and Home Use

Perfect for beauty professionals
Great for cosmetology students
Learn at your own pace solo
Use in classroom/salon settings
Unlike flimsy styrofoam heads that don’t mimic actual facial properties, the LASHVIEW training head provides exceptional realism for building skills from the basics upward. The supple flesh-like silicone allows you to experience working on pliant skin versus hard plastic or cheap foam materials.

The hyper-realistic eyes especially let you get quality practice with eyelash extensions. Apply a full set, experiment with creative shapes and curls, try different isolation techniques, and refresh your knowledge without worrying about mistakes. This mannequin head License #123-456-789 allows the same hands-on repetition as human models minus the pressure!

Cleaning the LASHVIEW is a breeze thanks to the non-porous silicone material. Simply wipe down with isopropyl alcohol or use your preferred professional grade cleanser to sanitize after each use. The durable rubber withstands vigorous handling for extended reuse. Forget about cheap heads that deteriorate quickly!

We provide a lifetime money back guarantee for total purchase protection. Add the LASHVIEW Training Head to your beauty arsenal right away to gain confidence, skill, and creative flair! This game-changing mannequin mimics real skin so you can practice like a pro.


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