Lattafa Perfumes Qimmah Eau De Parfum for Women – Elegant Oriental Scent with Lavender, Myrrh, and Woody Notes



Capture the essence of elegance and sophistication with the divine fragrance of Lattafa Perfumes Qimmah Eau De Parfum for Women. This oriental perfume masterfully blends aromatic lavender, sweet amber, spicy myrrh and woody oudh notes to create a scent that is flirtatious yet refined.

The top notes of Qimmah open with an enticing burst of lavender, saffron and clary sage. The cool herbal quality of lavender mingles with traces of saffron’s honeyed warmth and clary sage’s grassy freshness for an intriguing start. As the perfume unfolds, a core of rich myrrh and smooth amber emerges in the heart. Myrrh lends a subtly spicy edge with its smoky resinous character, beautifully complementing the golden sweetness of amber. Finally, base notes of aromatic cedarwood and precious oudh provide an elegant finish. Oudh is a rare ingredient treasured in Middle Eastern perfumery for its complex woody aroma tinged with traces of leather and tobacco. Paired with the clean finesse of cedarwood, it adds sophisticated depth to the fragrance.

This skillfully balanced composition has timeless appeal. Lavender’s relaxing herbalcy makes it suitable for daytime wear, while the warm, spicy base has a sensuality perfect for evenings. The gorgeous bottle also makes this fragrance a wonderful gift. For the woman who appreciates the finer things, Qimmah’s blend of alluring complexity and refined elegance is sure to delight.

Key Features:

  • Top notes of lavender, saffron and clary sage
  • Middle notes of myrrh and amber
  • Base notes of cedarwood and oudh
  • Elegant floral oriental fragrance
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Beautiful decorative bottle
  • 100ML bottle
  • Housed in an elegant box

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: The perfume opens with a burst of herbal lavender, traces of saffron and fresh clary sage. This creates an intriguing herbal-floral first impression.

Middle Notes: The heart of the fragrance unveils rich myrrh and smooth amber. Myrrh lends a subtly exotic, spicy touch while amber provides a sweet warmth and radiance.

Base Notes: Precious oudh wood brings a refined woody character with hints of leather and tobacco. This combines beautifully with the clean finesse of aromatic cedarwood for sophisticated depth.

When to Wear:

Qimmah is a versatile fragrance suitable for day or night. The relaxing herbalcy of lavender makes it perfect for daily wear, while the rich oriental base notes have an elegance that shines after dark. Spritz on in the morning before heading out to feel refreshed and confident. The scent will gently evolve with the warmth of your skin throughout the day. For evenings out, apply Qimmah to complement your outfit and add a touch of sensuality. The multifaceted aroma also makes this an ideal signature scent.


With its skillful balance between fresh herbal notes and sultry oriental warmth, Qimmah is a fragrance for all occasions. Its floralcy is perfect for the office or daytime dates, while the provocative base notes make for an alluring evening perfume. Wear it on special nights out to feel glamorous, or spritz it on before cuddling up at home. This versatile scent will help you feel composed, refreshed and beautiful whenever you need.

Who Can Wear It:

Qimmah is a gorgeous fragrance designed for the feminine, sophisticated woman. Its blend of aromatic herbal notes, warm oriental resins and light florals has multi-dimensional appeal across age groups. Young women will love the fresh first impression and flirtatious heart. Meanwhile, the oudh in the drydown adds a refinement that appeals to mature, elegant tastes. Qimmah is the perfect scent for strong, confident women who appreciate both simplicity and complexity.

Compliments This Perfume May Get You:

  • “Your perfume is so unique – what is that gorgeous aroma?”
  • “I was captivated from the moment you walked in the room. You smell incredible!”
  • “Is that lavender I smell? It’s so refreshing yet rich at the same time.”
  • “You have a sophisticated taste in fragrance – this scent is like nothing I’ve ever smelled before.”
  • “I can’t stop smelling your hair! The sillage of your perfume is absolutely divine.”

How to Apply:

To enjoy the full evolution of notes in Qimmah, apply to clean, dry skin in key pulse points. The warmth of your body will help diffuse the fragrance. Start by spraying once on each wrist, then dab lightly on your neck, décolletage and behind the ears. Be careful not to overapply, as the richness of the base notes can become overwhelming. Reapply as needed throughout the day or evening to refresh the scent bubble around you. The gorgeous bottle looks beautiful on display in your fragrance collection.

With its masterful blend of fresh herbal lavender, spicy myrrh, sweet amber and exotic oudh, Lattafa Perfumes Qimmah Eau De Parfum envelops you in elegance. Feel confident and sophisticated wherever you go with this versatile oriental perfume.


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