Lattafa Perfumes Tamima EDP – Fruity & Floral Summer Fragrance for Women & Men – 100ml



Escape to tropical paradise with the vibrant fruity-floral scent of Lattafa Perfumes Tamima EDP. This unisex fragrance evokes carefree summer days with juicy red berry top notes layered over a heart of blooming flowers and sweet fruits. A warm base of gourmand nuances like caramel and vanilla leaves a sensual trail.

Top Notes:
The opening of Tamima is a succulent medley of red berries and citrus. Notes of strawberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant create a jammy accord, while pineapple and Rhubarb add tropical juiciness. Uplifting accents of orange and lemon zest bring sparkling brightness.

Heart Notes:
As the fruity top notes fade, the heart of Tamima reveals its floral side. A bouquet of rose, orange blossom, and violet mingle with luscious peach and melon. The florals and fruits harmonize beautifully, continuing the vibrant energy from the top while transitioning to a softer, more romantic mood.

Base Notes:
Finally, the base notes create a warm, sweet drydown. Subtle woodsy sandalwood and ambery musk are complemented by gourmand nuances of buttery caramel and vanilla. This seductive base provides sensuality and staying power.

When to Wear
With its fruity opening and radiant florals, Tamima is the perfect scent for summertime. It embodies the carefree, fun spirit of the warmer months. Both playful and elegant, it’s great for daytime wear but also transitions beautifully into the night. Tamima captivates with its effervescent, mood-boosting vibes.

Who Can Wear
Tamima is a unisex fragrance suitable for women and men. The fruits and florals have universal appeal, while the vanilla and musk base adds a touch of sensuality without being overly feminine or masculine. Tamima works wonderfully on younger fragrance lovers but its sophistication also makes it ideal for date nights.

This fruity chypre is versatile enough for many occasions:

Outdoor Activities – Picnics, beach days, hikes
Casual Daytime Wear – Work, school, running errands
Special Events – Dates, parties, weddings
Travel – Vacations, cruises, tropical destinations
No matter where you’re headed, Tamima provides the perfect summer state of mind. Its radiance uplifts any occasion.

How to Apply
To enjoy the fruits, florals, and warmth of Tamima:

Apply to pulse points like the wrists, sides of the neck, and décolletage. These areas radiate warmth to release the perfume.

Mist lightly over skin or clothing. Too much can overwhelm while just the right amount sparkles.

Reapply as needed to refresh the vibrancy throughout the day.

Pair with the coordinating body lotion for added fragrance power and hydration.

Tamima comes in a sleek glass bottle with a sculpted cap. The transparent bottle reveals the pale pink juice inside. An outer box provides further protection. The minimalist style mirrors the light, refreshing essence of the scent.

About the House of Lattafa
Lattafa Perfumes is a prestigious Middle Eastern fragrance house known for crafting high-quality scents inspired by Arabian heritage. Their master perfumers expertly blend rare, exotic oils to create unique fragrances. Tamima demonstrates Lattafa’s signature vibrant, long-lasting compositions.

Fragrance Notes
Including the key notes, Tamima combines:

Top notes: strawberry, pineapple, raspberry, blackcurrant, rhubarb, orange, lemon
Middle notes: melon, peach, violet, orange blossom, rose
Base notes: caramel, vanilla, musk, sandalwood

Product Details

3.4 fl oz/100ml
Eau de Parfum concentration – long-lasting fragrance
Alcohol-based formula
Cruelty free
Recommended for daytime and evening wear
Escape from everyday life into a fruity oasis with Tamima EDP. Let this fragrance transport you to warmer sunny days with luscious fruits and blooming florals.


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