Lattafa Perfumes Tharwah Gold Unisex Eau de Parfum Spray (3.4 oz)



Experience the luxurious warmth of Lattafa Perfumes Tharwah Gold, a unisex fragrance that envelops you in sweet floral richness accented by woody depth. Its top notes of bergamot and lavender mingle beautifully with heart notes of orange blossom and jasmine, drying down to a sensual base of vanilla, vetiver and amber. Tharwah Gold is ideal for daytime wear, perfect for both women and men who appreciate sophisticated yet approachable scents.

As soon as you spray Tharwah Gold on your pulse points, you’ll be greeted by a burst of bergamot and lavender. The bergamot adds a bright, citrusy freshness, while the lavender contributes a clean, soothing floralcy. Together they form an invigorating introduction to this complex fragrance.

The heart of Tharwah Gold reveals itself next, as notes of orange blossom and jasmine take center stage. The gentle sweetness of orange blossom couples gorgeously with the rich, heady scent of jasmine. This floral duo is utterly intoxicating, conjuring romantic visions of moonlit gardens and sultry summer nights. It’s feminine yet alluring, perfect for date nights or anytime you want to feel beautiful.

Finally, Tharwah Gold dries down to a warm, creamy base of vanilla, vetiver and amber. The vanilla adds a gourmand nuance, its trademark sweetness smoothing out the composition. Earthy vetiver lends depth and slight woodiness, while the amber provides a touch of timeless elegance. This base perfectly balances the bright citrus top and floral heart, giving Tharwah Gold multi-layered complexity from start to finish.

Everything about Tharwah Gold’s composition makes it incredibly versatile for both men and women. The bergamot and lavender top notes offer a classic fougère-style opening, lending it just enough masculinity for the gentlemen. Meanwhile, the feminine orange blossom and jasmine heart ensures it’s beautifully alluring for the ladies. And the warm, sensual base seamlessly brings it all together into a sophisticated unisex fragrance.

When it comes to performance, Tharwah Gold has excellent longevity and projection. Expect about 8 hours of scent on your skin, with a moderate sillage that surrounds you in an enticing fragrant cloud without being overpowering. It’s ideal for close encounters, letting your partner bask in its gorgeous bouquet. The fragrance effortlessly moves from day to night, transitioning from a bright daytime scent to a softer, more intimate evening perfume.

Tharwah Gold’s stunning bottle also captures the spirit of the fragrance within. Its bold gold color represents the warmth and richness at the composition’s core. The stylish, minimalist design embodies timeless elegance and luxury. And the angled spray nozzle produces a fine, even mist for hassle-free application every time.

Lattafa Perfumes has masterfully crafted a high-quality fragrance that punches far above its price point. Though Tharwah Gold looks and feels luxurious, its affordable price tag makes it accessible to all. There are few fragrances that smell this rich and complex for under $XX. When you consider its excellent longevity on top of the sophisticated scent, it’s easy to see why Tharwah Gold is such a phenomenal value.

If you’re looking for a versatile signature scent, Tharwah Gold is a must-try. Its blend of citrus, floral and woody notes make it the perfect year-round fragrance. Both fresh and sensual, it effortlessly transitions from day to night. The juxtaposition of masculine and feminine elements also makes it ideal for sharing with your significant other. For a unisex fragrance that over-delivers on quality and complexity, Tharwah Gold is a wise investment.


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