Lattafa Perfumes Yara EDP – Captivating Floral & Fruity Fragrances for Women & Men



Transport your senses to an exotic paradise with the enthralling scents of Lattafa Perfumes Yara EDP. This luxurious perfume collection features distinctive fragrances that evoke feelings of intrigue, allure, and sensuality.

An Alluring Blend of Contrasting Notes

At the heart of Yara EDP lies a masterful composition of complementary fragrance notes that strike an impeccable balance. The perfume opens with an effusion of fresh florals and fruits that exude a bright and lively aura. Heliotrope and orchid impart a sweet, delicate floralcy, while juicy notes of tangerine and tropical fruits lend a succulent, vibrant fruity edge.

As Yara EDP evolves, it takes on a richer, warmer character. The gourmand accord conjures indulgent visions of creamy desserts and sugared treats. Sensuous middle notes of amber, caramel and vanilla wrap you in a gentle embrace, their sweetness underscored by earthy touches of sandalwood and musk.

Every note in these perfumes is carefully chosen to create an experience that intrigues the senses and leaves a captivating trail. Yara EDP is the perfect signature scent for those who want a fragrance that is as complex and alluring as they are.

Unisex Scents Suitable for All Occasions

Lattafa Perfumes deftly toes the line between masculinity and femininity with scents that have universal appeal. Yara EDP contains multi-faceted notes that create different olfactory impressions on men and women. The fruits and white florals shine with added vibrancy on women, while the earthy, ambery nuances take on greater prominence on men.

From day to night, season to season, these versatile fragrances transition seamlessly. The scintillating fruits and breezy florals smell fresh and effervescent for daytime wear. A few sprays conjure images of sunny tropical locales – perfect for infusing warm weather outfits with a summery vibe.

As the sun sets, the rich gourmand notes come forward to create an intoxicating evening aroma. The sensual ambience makes these perfumes ideal for romantic dates and enticing encounters. A touch of Yara EDP adds a palpable, perfumed allure to your nighttime aura.

Long-Lasting Scents in Elegant Bottles

Within their sleek, minimalist bottles, Yara EDP contain fragrances potent enough to last for hours. The perfumes emit modest sillage that stays close to the skin, surrounding you in personal fragrance clouds. The intimate nature of the scents makes them office-friendly and ideal for close encounters.

A few spritzes in the morning will keep you wrapped in mesmerizing aromas well into the evening. As the perfumes fade, they leave behind hints of vanilla, musk and sandalwood – subdued remnants of their initial vibrance.

The elegant bottle perfectly complements the juice within. Its slender silhouette has an understated luxury that looks beautiful on vanity counters and dressing tables. For travel, slip the bottle into a chic purse or weekend bag to infuse your destination with memories of Yara’s evocative scent.

Artisanal Perfume House Based in the Perfume Capital of the World

Lattafa Perfumes is a family owned artisanal perfume house based in the UAE – the historic perfume capital of the world. Drawing inspiration from Arabia’s rich cultural heritage in fragrance, Lattafa creates unique scent stories that evoke the mystique of the region.

The brand utilizes high quality raw ingredients and time-honored Arabic perfumery techniques to create fragrances of distinction. Their perfumes push boundaries and challenge perceptions to offer truly individualistic experiences.

Much like the desertscapes that inspired them, Lattafa fragrances are bold, intricate and full of wonder. Once encountered, the haunting impressions they leave linger for a lifetime.

Product Details

  • Top Notes: Heliotrope, Orchid, Tangerine
  • Middle Notes: Gourmand Accord, Tropical Fruits
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk
  • Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Size: 100ml

Experience the Allure of Yara EDP

Be swept away by exotic elegance with Lattafa Perfumes Yara EDP. Let these radiant scents transport you to paradise with every wear.


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