Lattafa Qaa’ed Unisex Eau de Parfum – A Royal Fragrance Fit For Kings and Queens



Transport yourself to ancient Arabia with Lattafa Qaa’ed, a unisex eau de parfum that evokes images of sultans and sultanas, princes and princesses. This majestic fragrance combines precious Middle Eastern ingredients like oud, saffron and agarwood to create a regal scent worthy of royalty.

Top Notes: A Luxurious Opening of Exotic Spices

The opening notes of Qaa’ed provide an enticing preview of the wonders to come. Notes of saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom swirl together to create a spicy accord reminiscent of sumptuous Middle Eastern cuisine. The saffron adds a honeyed richness, while the nutmeg and cinnamon offer a sweet spiciness. Cardamom provides a fresh, slightly medicinal backdrop to the other spices.

Heart Notes: Rare Oud and Sandalwood

As Qaa’ed evolves, it reveals its true personality in the heart notes. Here, the fragrance showcases two prized ingredients – oud wood and sandalwood. Oud is often described as “liquid gold” in the Middle East for its precious, exotic aroma. It has a sweet, woody scent with leather nuances. Paired with the creamy, milky aroma of sandalwood, this oud accord is simply stunning.

Base Notes: Luxurious Vanilla, Amber and Leather

The base notes of Qaa’ed cement its heritage as a noble Arabian fragrance. Precious vanilla absolute adds a rich, bourbon-like sweetness, while hints of dry amber create a lush, velvety backdrop. Subtle notes of leather add to the fragrance’s regal elegance. Agarwood, also known as oud, makes another appearance in the base – this time as an oil rather than a wood. It lends a deep, musky aroma to the composition.

Overall Scent: Fit for Kings and Queens

Overall, Lattafa Qaa’ed evokes images of kings and queens being fanned by servants while reclining on silk pillows. It is a fragrance truly fit for royalty, with exotic and luxurious notes like saffron, oud, amber and leather. Spicy top notes provide an intriguing opening before giving way to the richer, woodier notes of oud and sandalwood. The fragrance dries down to a smooth, velvety base of vanilla, agarwood and hints of leather.

Unisex in nature, Qaa’ed would suit both men and women who appreciate exotic, high-quality fragrances. It makes a luxurious signature scent or evening fragrance for special occasions. The rich Arabian notes transport the wearer to far-off desert lands filled with intrigue, adventure and romance.experience the luxurious world of ancient Arabian royalty with this majestic elixir.

How to Apply this Royal Fragrance

To enjoy the full experience of Lattafa Qaa’ed, apply using the following method:

Start by moisturizing skin before applying fragrance, as this helps the scent last longer. Focus application points on pulse points like the wrists, sides of the neck, and insides of elbows.

For a light scent, spray just once or twice on major pulse points.

For a more impactful fragrance, spray 4-6 times in a halo around the body – pulse points on both sides of neck, both wrists, both elbows, upper chest, and back of knees. This creates an enveloping aura of fragrance.

After initial application, avoid rubbing wrists together as this can crush the top notes. Let the natural body heat gently diffuse the perfume.

Reapply as needed throughout the day if you desire consistent fragrance. Qaa’ed’s richness means it can last 6-8 hours or more on most wearers.

Tips for Maximizing this Scent’s Royal Allure

To really let the regal magic of Lattafa Qaa’ed shine, follow these tips when wearing it:

Apply to clean, moisturized skin to optimize sillage and longevity.

Wear on dates, evenings out, or special occasions to capture the mood of luxury.

Pair with equally opulent attire – think silk, velvet, jewelry, haute couture. Let the fragrance match the occasion.

Carry a miniature vial for touch-ups to revive the silage throughout the night.

Spritz fragrance on pillows, scarves or clothing to leave a beautiful scent trail.

Store in a cool, dark place away from direct light and heat to preserve the precious oils.

A Spellbinding Scent Story in Every Spritz

Lattafa Qaa’ed delivers an olfactory experience truly fit for royalty with each spritz. The story begins with an enticing mélange of exotic eastern spices like saffron, cardamom and cinnamon. As the fragrance unfolds across the skin, rare oud wood and creamy sandalwood draw you into the inner sanctum of an Arabian palace.

Finally, base notes of rich vanilla, leather and agarwood create a luxurious dry down. Wearing this fragrance feels like draping oneself in the robes of kings and queens, if only for a day. Transport your senses to faraway lands full of adventure and opulence every time you spritz on this magnificent elixir.

A Unique Addition to any Fragrance Wardrobe

Lattafa Qaa’ed stands out for its blending of rare, luxurious ingredients like oud, saffron, agarwood and amber. For any perfume lover looking to add something exotic and upscale to their scent collection, this fragrance is a must-try. The rich Arabian notes offer something distinct from typical department store offerings.

While it excels as a cold-weather evening fragrance, a light touch of Qaa’ed can also lend a touch of spice and warmth even in summer. Both men and women can pull off this elegance in a bottle – it’s a versatile signature scent with impressive sillage. The next time you wish to feel like royalty, let this magnificent perfume transport you to a world of luxury beyond your wildest dreams.


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