Lattafa Qaed Al Fursan Unlimited EDP Unisex Fragrance – Exquisite Royal Blend for Confident Presence



Transport your senses to an oasis of luxurious elegance with the captivating scent of Lattafa Qaed Al Fursan Unlimited. This exquisite EDP evokes images of majestic Arabian horses galloping across sun-drenched deserts, carrying their royal riders towards new adventures.

Top Notes: A Thrilling Opening of Fruity Freshness

The fragrance opens with an exhilarating blend of bergamot, raspberry and apple. Their juicy, fruity essence conjures visions of a lush oasis, offering respite from the dry desert air. Lively accents of black birch provide a hint of crisp woodiness to complete the top notes.

Heart Notes: A Bouquet of Floral Richness

As Lattafa Qaed Al Fursan Unlimited evolves, the heart notes unfold in a graceful floral bouquet. Velvety jasmine petals mingle with the earthy complexity of patchouli, while delicate rose provides a romantic femininity. Other blooms intertwine in this floral heart, their petals releasing a rich nectar that evokes passion and opulence.

Base Notes: Warm, Sensual Wood and Musk

Finally, the base notes create a warm, sensual trail. Precious agarwood, also known as oud, lends its characteristic woody aroma that is prized across the Middle East. Its mystical scent combines with the sweet creaminess of ambergris and seductive vanilla. Oakmoss contributes its rich green nuances as the fragrance turns earthier. Finally, musky notes emerge, like the intoxicating scent of sun-warmed skin.

An Empowering Scent for Confidence and Allure

Overall, this complex perfume is beautifully balanced to create an empowering and irresistible effect. It speaks to those who embody noble values of courage, wisdom and leadership. Wearers can ride high with the confidence and charisma evoked by this special scent. Spray on Lattafa Qaed Al Fursan Unlimited to be transported from the mundane to the extraordinary, leaving a trail of allure wherever you go.

When to Wear for Maximum Impact

The richness of this exotic fragrance makes it perfect for cooler evenings. Its notes of oud, ambergris and musk crescendo in the fall and winter months, lending warmth and seduction to cold nights. The floral heart notes also allow it to be worn in the daytime during spring and summer. Try lighter applications for work and daytime socializing when the flowers are in full bloom.

Unisex Appeal for Free Spirits

Defying gender conventions, Lattafa Qaed Al Fursan Unlimited has a unisex formulation allowing anyone to enjoy its royal grandeur. Women can let its rich blend empower their feminine mystique and aura of confidence. Men can harness its woodsy intensity to amplify their charisma and sophisticated polish. For those who identify beyond the binary, its complexity captures their multi-faceted personalities.

Long-Lasting Performance for All-Day Allure

Lattafa Qaed Al Fursan Unlimited is highly concentrated at 20-30% fragrance oils. This gives it tenacious lasting power on skin. Expect the top notes to last 1-2 hours, heart notes 2-4 hours, and base notes over 5 hours. The sillage also projects nicely within an arm’s length of the wearer. Reapply as needed throughout busy days on the go when you want to maintain the captivating effect.

High Quality and Ethical Sourcing

Lattafa prides itself on using only top-grade, ethically sourced ingredients in its perfumes. They employ expert noses to perfect each composition and bring it to luxurious life. While inspired by Europe’s heritage perfumeries, Lattafa infuses its own Middle Eastern influences. This brand beautifully bottles bespoke artistry at an affordable price.

Discover the Allure of the Desert

For those seeking a scent that conjures adventure, confidence and distinction, Lattafa Qaed Al Fursan Unlimited delivers. Like a high-bred Arabian steed carrying its royal rider towards far horizons, this fragrance empowers you to embark on an enchanting personal journey. Let its luxurious sillage lead the way.


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