Lattafa Velvet Oud Unisex Eau de Parfum – A Sophisticated Blend of Rich Oud and Velvety Florals



Escape to a world of luxury and sophistication with Lattafa Velvet Oud Unisex Eau de Parfum. This rich, velvety fragrance envelops you in a warm embrace of precious oud wood layered with vibrant florals and spices.

The composition opens with a burst of crisp cardamom and zesty bergamot, immediately evoking a sense of vibrancy. As the fragrance develops, a bed of violet leaf and earthy patchouli emerges, lending a lush green floralcy. The star of the show reveals itself in the base notes – an exquisite oud accord intertwined with sultry suede, amber, musk and oakmoss.

The oud accord is authentically crafted to mimic real oud oil, extracted from the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree. It unfurls with a characteristic woodsy aroma brimming with earthiness, leather and smoke. Yet in Velvet Oud, the oud is beautifully softened, its rougher edges smoothed into a velvety texture. Sumptuous amber swathes the oud in a sweet, vanillic warmth while hints of musk and oakmoss offer depth and mystique.

As it dries down, Velvet Oud remains a skin scent of distinguished elegance. The oud persists as a smooth, polished wood note wearing a delicate floral veil. Subtle hints of suede lend a modern edge, preventing the fragrance from ever seeming stuffy. This easy, unforced elegance ensures Velvet Oud transitions effortlessly from day to night.

During the day, Velvet Oud adds an aura of refined polish to everyday business attire. The sophisticated fragrance profile suits formal office settings while remaining inoffensive to colleagues. For a special daytime event such as a wedding or luncheon, a spritz of Velvet Oud emanates class and good taste.

As dusk falls, allow the regal oud and sultry violet leaf to shine. Velvet Oud now reveals its flirtatious side, perfect for a romantic date or night out with friends. Both alluring and distinctive, it intrigues and delights with every wear. For the confident, modern man or woman who values quality and good taste, Velvet Oud is the new signature scent.

Housed in a simple yet opulent purple glass bottle, Lattafa Velvet Oud makes a stunning addition to any vanity. The rich purple hue mirrors the luxurious fragrance within. Velvet Oud’s excellent longevity provides over 8 hours of enjoyment while moderate sillage makes this an ideal office fragrance. It can be worn year-round for any occasion requiring a scent of distinction.

Like a tailored bespoke suit, Lattafa Velvet Oud dresses you in prestige and class. Its smooth, velvety oud softened with gentle florals creates an intimate sensuality perfect for date nights. During the day, crisper cardamom and bergamot add a fresh vibrancy that keeps the fragrance polite yet alluring at the office. For the discerning fragrance lover searching for the next sophisticated signature, Lattafa Velvet Oud is a jewel of craftsmanship and style.


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